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How To Heal Link & Recover Hearts In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Want to restore your hearts & health in Zelda: TOTK? Check out our guide on how to heal Link in Tears of the Kingdom to find out.

As you fight the monstrosities in Hyrule, it is essential to know about healing Link in Zelda: TOTK. You can see your maximum health in the form of red-colored hearts to your left. But as you engage in different battles eventually, it can potentially be a Game Over for Link if you don’t heal fast. You can also lose all of your hearts if you accidentally fell from a height. But how do you heal and recover your hearts or health? While it is not much explained in the game, it is a pretty simple process. So, check out our guide to find out how to heal Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Heal Link in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There are many ways you can heal in Zelda: TOTK. One of the quickest ways to restore your heart and heal Link is by consuming various food items. Once you have checked the food recipes list, you can get a good idea about the dishes that offer recovery of hearts. Alongside knowing recipes, you must also farm the food ingredients to cook hearty meals over fire or pot. Furthermore, brewing certain elixirs can also restore Link’s health.

But that’s not it, there more ways you can heal and restore your hearts. So, here are all the methods to heal Link’s health in Zelda TOTK:

heal link zelda totk

Pass Time using a Bed

While skipping time is easier and more convenient using a fire, sleeping in bed has more benefits. As you rest and sleep on a bed, you can heal your lost health or heart. You can find Beds in almost every Stable, village, settlement, and outpost across Hyrule. However, sleeping in Bed usually comes with a price of 20 Rupees. So, get on with farming Rupees to sleep on Bed at every nook and corner around Hyrule.

Although if you are looking to rest for free, visit the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing. Over there, you can pass the time according to your preferred timing.

Completing Shrine Puzzleshow to heal link zelda totk tears of the kingdom

Another way to heal Link’s health in Zelda TOTK is by clearing and completing the Shrine puzzles. Although Shrine challenges are a bit of a hassle, they can restore Link’s hearts fully. So, you can take on the challenges to recover from the damage. For me, some of the toughest challenges include Tukarok, Sahirow Shrines, & the hidden Zakusu Shrine. While solving these puzzles is quite grindy and risky, it can restore your health to normal.

Once you get the Light of Blessing at a statue, you can also get a Heart container or Stamina vessel. This can increase the maximum cap of your Hearts or Stamina depending on your choice.

Auto-Revive by Fairies

While Fairies don’t heal you fully, they can automatically revive Link when he loses his last heart. So, if you are constantly dying while beating Phantom Ganon or Gloom Hands, fairies can bring Link back to life instantly. These fairies also prevent Link from accidentally dying through Fall Damage. But note that it only restores your last Heart. Once you are alive, you can consume different food items for a full recovery.

In addition to the above methods, note to wear a Gloom Resistant Armor when exploring the Depths or Gloom-infested areas. That’s because the Gloom can decrease Link’s maximum hearts and deplete your health continuously.

That’s all about how to heal Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to upgrade Armor, how to get and use Zonaite, and more Legend of Zelda: TOTK Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.