How To Kill Phantom Ganon In Zelda TOTK

Suraj Nai
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It’s not just you, many players out there are looking for ways to defeat the Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom. This mini-boss can be defeated easily, only if you play your cards right. It appears only after you destroy the Gloom Hands on the ground. And many players are encountering this boss usually in the Great Deku Tree Chasm. If you’ve already lost a fight to this boss and don’t want it to happen again, then we’re here to help. In this guide below we have explained all the important keys to beating the Phantom Ganon boss in Zelda TotK.

How to Beat Phantom Ganon Boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Before you get to defeat the Phantom Ganon, you’ll have to beat the Gloom Hands first in Tears of the Kingdom. And as mentioned earlier, only after that the boss will appear and start fighting you as soon as he spawns. If you’re not sure how you can destroy the crawling hands coming out of the ground, then check our Gloom Hands fight guide. With that said let’s move on to the strategies and other tips & tricks to beat the Phantom Ganon.

How To Defeat Phantom Ganon In Tears Of The Kingdom
Source Image: TheBaldMan

Increase your Hearts

The very first thing you should do before taking on the boss fight is increase your Heart. That’s because, in this fight, you’re surely going to get hit and it’s best to have some extra health. The recommended number of hearts you should have is starting from 9 and goes up as much as you can have.

Maintain Distance But Not Too Far

In Phantom Ganon fight maintaining distance can help you to some extent. However, it can also backfire, because, this boss tends to make a dash attack if you go too far. But don’t worry, the dash attack is quite slow sometimes, so you can always parry. But ensure you match the timing, or else those hit can really get pretty deadly. While you’re at a distance from him use your bow and arrow continuously. Don’t forget to fuse it with some fire damage items and you’ll be good to go.

beat gloom hands boss phantom ganon in tears of the kingdom
Source Image: TheBaldMan

Do Flurry Rush & Attack

To defeat Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) performing the Flurry Rush can really be beneficial. But again, the timing should be perfect. As soon as the boss initiates a slash attack, simply do a Flurry Rush and in that time, ensure you attack as much as you can. While doing that also be careful of the moving Gloom on the ground.

Have a Snack to Increase Defense

Before you head into the fight, eat food that buffs your defense. That’s because you are going to need it when you’re facing this boss. As the effect will not last long, make sure you use the other tips and wrap up the fight quickly. You can have food such as Tough Meat Skewer, or even the Tough Elixir. There are also some food items to increase your attack damage that can come in handy.

Avoid Stepping in the Gloom

Many players tend to do the mistake of underestimating the spreading gloom on the ground. And that’s what becomes the reason for their death. So it is advised that you avoid stepping in the gloom as much as you can, but if you do, then don’t stay there for a long duration. As only stepping on it can take half of your heart in a matter of seconds, standing in it can really make you lose the fight.

And our last tip for you to is, save the game before you destroy the gloom. That’s because, during boss fights, the game doesn’t allow you to save your progress, which might really hurt if you lose.

That covers everything about how you can defeat the Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re dicey about which weapons you should go with, then check out our list of the Best Weapons to use in Zelda TotK. While you’re here do take a look at the Gloom Resistant Armor available in the game.