How To Beat Red Gloom Hands In TOTK

Unable to defeat the Gloom spawn enemy? Check out our guide on how to beat the Gloom Hands in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

As you explore the Hyrule, Gloom Hands in Zelda: TOTK is unarguably the most challenging enemy spawns to take down. You can face these scary monster enemies while traveling through the Lost Woods and the Korok Forest.

They emerge from the pools of Gloom and usually spawn in groups. If you encounter or find them, you must defeat five Gloom Hands at once or die in an attempt. Don’t worry, with some help you can beat this boss in no time. So, check out our guide for helpful tips, strategies, & tricks on how to beat Gloom Hands in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains spoilers about the storyline, gameplay bosses, & enemies. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back and check later.

How to Defeat Gloom Hands in Zelda TOTK

gloom hands totktears of the kingdom
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Before we begin, if you don’t have enough hearts or stamina, we recommend not engaging with the Gloom Hands spawn in Zelda: TOTK. As soon as you encounter them, the best course will be to run away or climb to an elevation to escape. Meanwhile, you can get to farming the required resources. You must equip the Gloom Resistant armor and farm the necessary resources to fight head-on with these ghastly hands.

But if you are all prepared, you can beat the Gloom Hands with the right strategy. Note that once you defeat these enemies at any region, another boss enemy will spawn taking their place. Hence, it is crucial to farm resources like more arrows, Bomb Flowers, and Chuchu Jellies, along with enough hearts.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Beat Gloom Hands

So, here are some tips and strategies to beat Gloom Hands in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Since these enemy spawns can inflict Gloom, it is best to position yourself on higher ground.
  • Maintain your distance for the entirety of the fight.
  • From there, you can shoot arrows by fusing them with a variety of elemental fruits for massive damage.
  • You can fuse your arrows with Chuchu Jellies, Bomb Flowers, and Keese Eyeball for precision.
  • We recommend using ranged attacks because close combat can deal you with the Gloom effect.
  • If the Gloom enemy spawn grabs you, it will continuously deplete your health and the amount of hearts.
  • You can also fuse your arrows with the Ice Fruit to stun them temporarily.
  • Before they charge back, use Bomb Flowers, & other alternatives like Amber to deal them damage.
  • To save yourself from the grabs, you can also Flurry Rush and dodge their attacks. But don’t stay close to the swarming Gloom pool.
  • As the surrounding area can also cause the Gloom, you can cook Sundelions food dishes to cure the effect.
  • Alternatively, you can also cook with the Dark Clump for a temporary duration of Gloom Resistance.

Once you have defeated all five Gloom hands in TOTK, Phantom Ganon will spawn taking on the boss fight. So, check out our guide on how to defeat Phantom Ganon for more insight and tips.

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