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Zelda TOTK Sahirow Shrine Puzzle Solution

Can't get past the net of lasers in Zelda ToTK's Sahirow Shrine? Here's how to compkete it.

The Sahirow Shrine in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (ToTK) is fairly simple till you come across a net of lasers at the end. There are many shrines in this game, like Orochium, where you must dodge a bunch of lasers or fall down the trapdoors. At certain points, you may come across a part that seems impossible to cross. This shrine too has one, along with a hidden Spicy reward. So here’s how to complete this shrine with all its rewards.

Sahirow Shrine Puzzle Solution Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK)

The Sahirow Shrine is located in the Hebra Mountains region to the south at the coordinates (-3352, 2385, 0360). This is a chilly area so make sure you have meals that provide cold resistance. The “Aid from Above” puzzle in Sahirow Shrine is fairly simple, except for one part where you get Spicy Elixir. Many players miss out on this elixir because they cannot open the door. So here’s how to fully complete this shrine.Jump off stair to cross lasers

As soon as you enter the Sahirow Shrine, you must dodge a few lasers till you come across an unpassable part with three lasers. All you have to do here is climb the stairs to the right, jump, and use a paraglider.

Use ascend to climb moving platform in Zelda tears of the kingdom

Next, you’ll see a moving platform and no structures to climb. Here, go to a corner and wait for the platform to line up above you. Once it does, use the Ascend ability to climb the platform.

Block lasers to open door in Sahirow Shrine Zelda ToTK

The next part is where most players got stuck in Zelda TOTK’s Sahirow Shrine. After crouching below the laser to the right, there’s a door in front but no mechanism to open it. All you have to do is use Ultrahand to pick up the metal box and place it in front of the laser. Make sure you stand behind because once you cut off the laser, a trapdoor will open up below. Now, go past the door and open the chest to get the Spicy Elixir.

Use Ascend to Climb net of Lasers in ToTK

The next part is fairly easy till you reach the end of the Sahirow Shrine puzzle. After dodging a few lasers, you’ll come across a path and a net of unpassable lasers moving toward you. Crossing this is fairly easy but you must get the timing right. When the lasers are moving away from you, follow them and wait till they’re about to reach the end. Now, quickly use the Ascend ability to climb the ceiling and paraglide to the other side to complete the puzzle. Now, you can get the Light of Blessing to increase Link’s Hearts and Stamina.

That’s all from us on how to complete Sahirow Shrine in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK). There are multiple shrines like Jonsau, Jiukoum, and more, so make sure you visit our ToTK guides section for solutions. Similarly, if you want video walkthroughs, then check out our page on YouTube.