How To Upgrade Armor In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK)

Want to last longer in fights in Legend of Zelda TOTK? You should consider upgrading your armor sets.

Like BOTW, Zelda Tear of the Kingdom (TotK) also allows you to upgrade your Armor. The process is also almost the same, with the help of the great Fairies. Just this time, the process to unlock them is different. So here is how armor upgrading works in TOTK and the fairies that you need for them.

How to Upgrade TotK Armor

Enhance and Upgrade Armor Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TOTK
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You need at least one Great Fairy Unlocked and the required materials for your Armor to start upgrading. While it may be useful, it is optional, so you must complete a few side quests before upgrading them. We’ll check those quests in a bit. But for now, here is how to improve your armor:

  1. Go to any Great Fairy Fountain.
  2. Talk to the Great Fairy and choose “Enhance away.”
  3. Next, choose the piece from your Armor set you wish to upgrade.
  4. The menu will automatically show you the armors that you have the upgrade materials of. You can also check here to find which materials you should go for next to get upgrades for your other armor sets.
  5. Select the armor by pressing “A.”
  6. When she asks if you want to upgrade it, choose “Enhance away.”

Your materials will get consumed, and your Armor will be upgraded. The materials needed are usually different monster parts like Keese Wing for the Glide Set, Red Chuchu Jelly for Snowquill Set, and more.

How to Enhance Armor Completely in Zelda TOTK

To completely upgrade any piece of Armor, you need to unlock all great fairies. These fairies are:

  • Tera
  • Cotera
  • Kaysa
  • Miju

After you unlock all four, visiting any fairy will allow you to upgrade your armor fully.

How to Unlock Fairies

You need to find Local Musicians close to the fairy fountains and get them to perform for the particular fairy. Each fairy has a quest for them, and these quests are:

  • Serenade to Tera
  • Serenade to Cotera
  • Serenade to Kaysa
  • Serenade to Miju

Lastly, you also need the Potential Princess Sightings quest because without undertaking it, you won’t be able to start these. You should check our detailed guide on it for a full explanation.

That’s everything on how to upgrade armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). For more help on this game, check out our guides on how to throw items, find Toto Lake, and the best Story order.