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Best Regional Phenomena Story Order For Zelda TOTK

Wondering in which order should you tackle the main quests in Legend of Zelda TOTK? We have just the order you need!

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom much like BOTW doesn’t have a very linear path when it comes to its Story order that you should follow. While there is some of it, the main quests that revolve around it can often be done in any way you like. And that can easily mess up the story and lead to some unintentional spoilers. So here is the best order of the main quests that you should follow to enjoy the story of Zelda TOTK.

Main Story Quests Order for Legend of Zelda TOTK

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Regional Phenomena Story Order

While you can complete all four Regional Phenomena in any order, for the most part, you should follow the order below:

  1. Tulin of Rito Village
  2. Yunobo of Goron City
  3. Sidon of the Zora
  4. Riju of Gerudo Town

Also regardless of which order you choose, you should try finishing the Rito Village quest before the Gerudo Town. This is because you will need his power to better soar through the desert. And without getting too much into the spoilers, the power from the Temple at Rito village will make it easier navigating the desert.

From this point onwards there will be some spoilers regarding the upcoming dungeons and the powers you will get from them. So if you want to have a cleaner experience check back here once you are done with the above quests.

Tulin of Rito Village

tulin of the rito

Starting with Rito Village, this area is even recommended by Purah, after you activate the Lookout landing tower. You will need cold resistance and some warm clothes in this region but luckily you should have access to plenty of spicy peppers from your visit to the Great Sky Island at the start of the game.

Following Tulin, you will reach the Wind Temple, and completing this dungeon will give you the power of Sage of the Winds, that is Tulin. Using his ability you can summon gusts which are handy when flying.

Yunobo of Goron City

For the second temple, you can even go to Zora’s domain before coming here. But getting here has one major advantage, and her name is Ramella. After clearing the Fire temple you can find her in Goron City. So when you sell her gems in multiples of 10 she gives you extra rupees for them.

From here, you also get the Sage of Fire’s ability that lets you launch a ball at your target. So not only can you knock back your enemies while dealing them fire damage but also use it to break boulders that block cave exits.

Sidon of the Zora

sidon of the zora

If you spent all your Light of Blessings on getting more stamina then this quest will help you out. In Zora’s domain, you have to complete the water temple. And it will give you the Sage of Water’s power which works similarly to Daruk’s protection from BOTW.

Basically, Link shields himself in a bubble to absorb incoming damage from any side.

Riju of Gerudo Town

riju of gerudo town

Finally, we have Riju of Gerudo Town, this quest is the hardest of them all because traversing the desert becomes an actual nightmare. Not only does your compass not work correctly, but you also have fairly limited visibility.

But after you clear the Lightning temple you also unlock a decently useful ability. And that is the Sage of Lightning’s power. Using it you create a lightning dome around you. Now fire an arrow at your target and it will deal them a lot of lightning damage.

Once you are done with the above quests you should do these quests next.

  • Find the Fifth Sage
  • Secret of the Ring Ruins
  • Guidance from Ages Past
  • A Mystery in the Depths
  • Impa and the Geoglyphs
  • Tears of the Dragon
  • Trail of the Master Sword
  • Recovering the Hero’s Sword
  • Find Princess Zelda
  • Destroy Ganondorf

That’s all for the best order to enjoy the Story of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Be sure to check out our TOTK section for more help on other such topics on this game.