TOTK Rupees Farming Guide: How To Make Money Fast

Here's a money farming guide for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom players that will help you stock up on Rupees.

Want to buy something from the shop but ran out of cash? We’ve all been there. If you are looking for the easiest ways to farm Rupees in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, then here are some of the best methods to get money fast. It’s crucial to earn and make money early on to upgrade (purchase gear, items from merchants, or even food for dire situations) but this currency is hard to find. Use this Rupee-farming guide to help you survive and thrive in TOTK.

How to Farm Rupees in Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Here’s how to make money quickly in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Complete the repeatable Eventide Island Zonai Wing challenge.
  • Sell Gems and Items you collect along the way.
  • Hunt animals to make money fast.
  • Shoot Blupees for Rupees.
  • Help Addison for some cash.
  • Sell Star Fragments.
  • Sell Dragon Parts.
  • Use the duplication glitch for infinite money.

How to Unlock the Eventide Island Zonai Wing Challenge for Rupee Farming

Spend 20 Rupees to participate in the challenge (that can be repeated) and if you do it right, you can earn 100 Rupees easily. Here’s how to unlock this challenge.

  • Go to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview tower which is present near East Necluda, near the Necluda Sea.
    how to unlock eventide island zonai wing minigame How to unlock Eventide Island Zonai Wing minigame (map location) – Thanks to mapgenie
  • From here, fly to the island at the bottom right of the map. Use the Zonai Wing device while you are at it.
  • Once you are there, talk to Sesami, who will most likely be standing next to a cooking station. His location will be right at the top of the island, near Toronbo Beach.
    how to complete wings challenge zelda totk for money farm Eventide Island Wing Challenge Map Location (Image thanks to Mapgenie)
  • Speak to him and accept the task to clear monster strongholds in various locations. After this, talk to Sesami again.
  • Your next goal is to find the secret cave with the giant skeleton head with horns. Use your glider to get there, and wipe out all small enemies as well as the boss in the Pirate Hideout.
  • After that, once the shrine room opens, activate the shrine (the glowing green symbol).
  • Next, talk to Sesami again.
  • Once the conversation is done, go to the top of the rock (Koholit Rock) in the south-east region of the island and interact with the NPCs there. One of them will be a bird.
  • Pay 20 Rupees, and start the wing challenge. The goal is to land the Zonai Wing in the circle marked by the game. If you do it right, you can get 100 Rupees – keep repeating it to farm money in Zelda TOTK.

Sell Gems & Items to Make Money Quickly in Tears of the Kingdom

sell items farm rupees fast zelda totk

During your journey, you will come across plenty of gems and items that you can sell at shops or to merchants for a quick buck and get rich quickly in Tears of the Kingdom. If you are okay with selling rare ore instead of using them to fuse your weapons, then this is one method to farm Rupees in Zelda TOTK as well.

Hunt Animals to Make Money fast in TOTK

  • First, ensure that you have completed the Regional Phenomena main quest near Rito Village.
  • Then go to the snowfield (map location marked below) and hunt these animals: Tabantha Moose, Grizzlemaw Bear & Cold-footed Wolf.
  • Collect the meat that drops (Raw Prime Meat, Gourmet Meat) and cook it in the pot to make a dish. Sell that dish to earn a good amount of Rupees.
  • You can keep doing this repeatedly because the animals will respawn.

Help Addison for some Cash

help addison totk rupee money farm

Whenever you come across Addison, help him hold up the President Hudson signs because the reward for doing that is free money.

Sell Star Fragments

If you wish to, you can sell Star Fragments for 200 Rupees at a shop.

Sell Dragon Parts

While Dragon Parts can be used for cooking and fusing, if you are in need of a quick buck, you can sell them for a good price.

Shoot Blupees for Rupees

totk rupee farm

While they look (kinda) cute like white rabbits, it’s worth shooting them if you want to make money in Zelda TOTK. These are blue creatures with glowing eyes and ears and players can find Blupees mostly in forests. To attack them, make sure to approach carefully by crouching or if needed, use a Stealth Elixir. Use ranged attacks to make it happen easily.

Locations to Get Money in Zelda TOTK

Thanks to this map by mapgenie, we have some locations where you can find Rupees via chests. As you can see, there are plenty of places to get money right above Hyrule Field. Apart from that, you can go to Lanayru Wetlands, Tabantha Frontier, Hyrule Field for more.

where to get rupees in zelda totk

These were some of the easiest ways to earn money fast in Zelda TOTK and farm Rupees quickly early on in the game. There are more ways that players have discovered, including one with Amiibo, but if you don’t have access to that, the methods mentioned above will come to the rescue.

How to Get Infinite Money in TOTK

You can dupe items to get unlimited money (Rupees) in the game. If you are interested in using the duplication glitch, check out our linked guide for the info. And if you get stuck during other quests, be sure to check our TOTK guides on Gamer Tweak for walkthroughs and solutions.