How To Dupe Items In Zelda TOTK (Duplication Glitch)

Running low on rupees in Legend of Zelda TOTK? This Duplication Glitch will make you rich in no time.

The duplication glitch for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is here and it is very easy to perform. After playing the game for some time, once you start with the main story quests. You will need a lot of money to get important Armor sets like the Snowquill set or the Flamebreaker set. And these can be very costly but the game doesn’t hand you out rupees that easily. But thanks to this newfound glitch you can make money fast and get rich in no time. So here is everything you should know about the duplication glitch and how to use it on your items, weapons, bows, and shields.

How to Do the Duplication Glitch in Zelda TOTK for Infinite Money

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Perform Duplication Glitch

For performing the Duplication glitch on items you will mainly need:

  • Bows: x2
  • Arrows: x1
  • Any Gem or Item that you want to duplicate: x1

It is also a good idea to equip any small shield and a sword, several players claim that it increases the chances of this glitch to work. Once you have these items ready to do the glitch. Finally, a word of advice before you start, save your game. That way if you end up shooting the arrow you can always reload and get your gem or item back. Now here is what you do:

  1. Press ZL to aim your arrow. You can aim it anywhere but try aiming it down to be safe.
  2. Next, press up and fuse any gem or item that you want to duplicate. This glitch should work for most items and gems but for me, it never worked with the King’s Scale for some reason.fuse item to arrow for dup glitch
  3. Now, Open your Inventory and drop the bow you have currently equipped.drop bow with fused arrow
  4. Next, Equip another bow.equip new bow
  5. Now, Press the “+” button Twice in Rapid succession and quickly drop your newly equipped Bow. The goal is to leave and enter your inventory quickly you can even press “B” and “+” for it. This step is very crucial and you need to be very fast while doing this. It may take a few tries but once you get the hang of it you will be duplicating items in no time.drop new bow
  6. Finally, collect both your Bows from the ground. This time when you open your inventory you should have an extra of that same item.Do Duplication Glitch in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To keep using this glitch in the future you should set Auto-Update Software to Off. You can find this option under the System tab of the System Settings of your Nintendo Switch. This way even if the developers decide to patch it then you won’t have to worry about finding other ways to get rupees in this game.

See it in action here:

How to Duplicate Weapons, Shields, & Bows in TOTK

The process is similar to the item duplication glitch with slight changes.

  1. Equip the Weapon, Shield, or Bow that you want to duplicate.
  2. Save the Game.
  3. Open the Inventory and drop this piece of Equipment.
  4. Now, equip another weapon, shield, or Bow.
  5. Again, quickly press the “+” button to exit and re-enter the Inventory and drop your newly equipped Equipment.
  6. Next, reload your save.

If done correctly your Weapon, Shield or Bow should be duplicated and you can find them on the ground.

Can You Make Infinite Money Using Duplication Glitch?

Make Infinite Money Zelda TOTK using Duplication Glitch

Technically Yes, as long as you have 4 things for the item glitch. And if the gem you use is a Diamond, you can easily make 5000 rupees in less than 5 minutes by duplicating 10 Diamonds and selling. You can sell them to Ramella in bulk to get even more money. And the best part is it isn’t only useful for making money.

You should be able to duplicate most strong monster parts like Blue Lizalfos Horn, Black Moblin Horn, Dragon scales, and more.

That’s all you need to do to perform the Duplication Glitch in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more help on this game check out our guides on how to throw items, get Majora’s Mask, and get Golden Horse.