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How To Heal And Revive Teammates In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends

Here's how to revive teammates or friends when they are down. Plus find out how to heal yourself in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Check of this healing and revival tips.

With the latest update including the Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer mode, fans are excited to explore everything that it brings. It’s an update that has a lot of stuff that you can enjoy like the New Game Plus, a new character (Gyozen) with a well-known voice actor (narrator) and more challenges. Speaking of challenges, you have the new option of four character classes namely Samurai, Ronin, Assassin and Hunter. Since the missions with these characters won’t be easy, you need to know how to heal and revive teammates in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Look no further because I will explain how to do it in this guide.

How to Heal Teammates in Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Keeping your health up is essential to survive in tough situations where there are waves of enemies coming. Apart from surviving yourself, knowing how to revive teammates is crucial too. You will have a short amount of time (a few seconds) to revive them so here’s how to ensure the survival of everyone on the team.


First, you can heal yourself by striking a healing drum. All you have to do is attack it which will unleash a wave that will heal your team members as well as yourself. If your teammates are near enough, the waves will indicate their healing as well.


Wherever they are, they will see a notification on the screen telling them that “player name” has struck the healing drum along with their location.

Another way to heal yourself is to use the Samurai class ability of “Spirit Pull” which will pull health from enemies that are close to you. This way you can keep your own health up but you cannot do the same for your team members.

Do remember that there is a cooldown time associated with the healing drum which means that you cannot use it back to back. Hence, it is essential to use it only when you absolutely require it.

How to Revive Teammates in Ghost of Tsushima Legends (Multiplayer)

When you see a fallen teammate, approach them immediately and press R2 when you are on standing on top. If you get attacked by enemies during this time, you will not be able to revive them.

This isn’t the only way to revive teammates – you can also use the Ronin class ability. With “Breath of Izanami”, you can revive teammates in Ghost of Tsushima Legends easily. Since Ronin is a support class, you can use it to bring teammates back to life.

If you aren’t sure where to look for the health bars of your teammates, simply look at the bottom left part of the screen. With a good eye on that, you will know exactly when to initiate a player’s revival.

That’s what you need to know on how to heal and revive teammates in Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer mode. For more such latest tips, check out the following Ghost of Tsushima Legends guides: