Ghost of Tsushima – How to Unlock New Game+

Game Plus is the best reason to play Ghost of Tsushima once again from the start. Read to know what's new in it?

We have a brand new Ghost of Tsushima Legends unlock that takes us on a new adventure with our friends. If you are less interested in Ghost of Tsushima Legends then why not to unlock the new Game Plus. But first, complete the entire game, and then you will see New Game+ added to the main menu of Ghost of Tsushima. I am going to explain to you in detail what you can do in Ghost of Tsushima Game Plus. Is there any new content, new boss, or legendary weapon you missed?

How to start Ghost of Tsushima Game Plus?

Complete the game, this includes every main mission to see the New Game plus option on the main menu of the screen. It will be above the New Game and from the same screen, you can also start Ghost of Tsushima Legends. A free update that unlocks Co-op mode where you can play with 4 friends and choose one of the three modes.

What is new in Ghost of Tsushima Game Plus?

You can play the entire game with everything unlocked in Ghost of Tsushima Game Plus mode. This means all techniques, gears, and vanity items you have unlocked during the previous gameplay will remain available in the new Game Plus. Everything will begin from start, it will be easier to complete starting missions.

You will already have all your gears, you can unlock more new upgrades and gears. But you will be facing a stronger enemy. The difficulty level is high in Ghost of Tsushima Game Plus Mode. It will be more challenging, having all your gears unlocked does not means you can beat down enemies faster. It is like the hard mode of Ghost of Tsushima with everything unlocked. Weapons or gears you missed can be obtained during this gameplay.

Game Plus is added by the new Update 1.1. If you are unable to see this then check for game updates on your PS4. You will also see a free addon Ghost of Tsushima Legends. A mode where you can invite upto 4 players to play missions, horde mode, and survival quest. Each player is free to choose one among the four different classes.

Gameplus along with Ghost of Tsushima Legends are the two best reasons today to play this game. We will be covering a lot of amazing tips and tricks on Ghost of Tsushima and the new Legend Mode. Do not forget to scan through our Ghost of Tsushima Wiki to know more.