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Ghost of Tsushima – How to Play With Friends?

Want to know how to invite your friend in Ghost of Tsushima to play together in Multiplayer missions, then read this guide.

Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1 unlocks the Multiplayer feature in the game. Called as Ghost of Tsushima Co-op you can invite your friend and play together. You and your friends can play a horde based mission where you fight with enemies in waves. This is an exciting new mode in Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer and I am going to help you with the same. You can learn everything about Ghost of Tsushima Co-Op Modes, its settings, the total number of players you can play with, and more.

How to play Ghost of Tsushima with friends in Co-op?

To play with your friends in co-op you will need an activate internet connection and PS Plus Subscription. Also if you are unable to see this option do not forget to update the game. Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1 download size is around 10GB in size. It is a massive update that adds this new feature in the game. Also, missions associated with Multiplayer will be unlocked only after the update is installed.

Now comes the second step. Go to PlayStation Store and download Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. You can also find this in Ghost of Tsushima Addons on the game PS store page. Ghost of Tsushima is a free game for those who have the actual game. Follow the steps below to add your friends.

How to invite friends in Ghost of Tsushima Co-op?

To invite a friend to play with you in Ghost of Tsushima he or she must be first added to your Friend List on the PS4 console. If not then go to the home screen and select Friends. Go to Search and type the Friends PSN ID to add him or her to your Friends List. Select the Online ID or Friends Name and press X to add the person to your friend’s List.

Ghost of Tsushima Co-op Guide

Launch Ghost of Tsushima and select Enter Legends Mode. This will be available after downloading the updates and installing the game addon from the PS store. Complete the beginner’s tutorials. This includes combat and tutorials of four classes. Pick one class and you will be on Ghost of Tsushima Legends Main Menu.

Ghost of Tsushima Co-op GuideGo to Social, here you can find a list of all your PSN friends. Select the friend from the list and press Send Invite from the Menu.

Ghost of Tsushima Co-op Guide

In the Social Menu, you will see the list of all friends. Friends who are not added to your Friends List in the PSN will not be visible. So go to the Main Screen > Friends > Search > “GamerTweak”. The text in inverted quotes will be the online ID or name of your friend. Send an invitation and then go to Social in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Select the ID and invite directly, your friend has to be online on his console.

Ask your friend to launch the game and select Ghost of Tsushima Legends. You can play in a group of four in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Not more than 4 players are allowed to play in one session. So this how you can play with your friends in Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer.