Ghost of Tsushima Legends Combat Stance Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Legends has new combat stances you will need in the survival mode. This guide has a trick on how to get new stances.

If you are not aware of what Stances are in Ghost of Tsushima, there here is the answer. Stances in simple words are combat styles. A set of combo attacks that you can apply to your weapon. It is a collection of attack techniques, highly useful, and can be switched at any point in the game. Stances have their characteristics, which is best against a certain type of enemy. It amplifies your damage giving you more power and control in the battle. In this guide, we will discuss on how to unlock stances in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

How to get unlock new stances in Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

The game has four different types of stances. They are Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon. You can change stances by holding the R2 button on your PS4 controller. Stances are important in survival mode. At the start of Ghost of Tsushima Legends, every weapon will have a single combat stance. But some weapons will allow you to wield more than one stance in the game.

To unlock new stances in Ghost of Tsushima Legends you will have to upgrade your class. There are four classes in the game. They are – Samurai, Hunter, Assassin & Ronin. Each class has a skill tree and abilities list. As you progress and unlock new levels in the classes you will also earn new Stances.

You can apply that to your weapons and unlock more damage. You can use more stances on higher-level weapons only. It won’t work if the weapon is at a basic level. Along with these weapons comes with their perks. Some give extra damage while some come with a health booster. It is necessary you craft out your load-out well to pick the best class and weapon with it. Stances are add-ons that work well under some type of enemy. Giving you more power in the battle, and you can switch your stance whenever needed.

That’s it for unlocking stances in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Stay tuned for more updates only on