How To Become A Vizard In Peroxide

Wondering how to become a Vizard in Peroxide? Here is all you need to do for that.

Transform into Vizard in Peroxide and get the move of different clans. The game is inspired by the famous anime and manga series Bleach, so its powers and methods have similarities with the series. You have to achieve and obtain some things to become the Vizard. And that also includes what is considered taboo in the Soul Society. But all of them are worth it, as you can get Vasto Rage after becoming a Vizard. So read along and obtain this form in Peroxide.

How to Unlock Vizard in Peroxide

How To Become A Vizard In Peroxide

There are three things you need to do or collect for the Vizard transformation in Peroxide.

  • Become a Soul Reaper.
  • Max out the Soul Reaper’s level.
  • Collect Impure Hogyoku.

Becoming a Soul Reaper is very simple. You have to meet Kisuke and die to become one. After becoming Soul Reaper, search for the mission board. And keep killing Hollows and finishing board quests to get EXP. You can even take part in the Raids to get Exp faster. Also, get the Shikai and then Bankai to complete the progression. Once you have collected the Impure Hogyoku, Shikai, and Bankai and reached the max level, use Impure Hogyoku. You will fall on the ground and within a few seconds wake up as a Vizard in Peroxide.

How to Get Impure Hogyoku

Peroxide’s Impure Hogyoku is the rare item you get from Time Remnant. Time Remnant is a drop of Invasion, Incursion, and Time Gate. The chance of getting it in the first few attempts is slim. You’ll have to take part and complete them several times to find this drop. Invasion quests can be triggered by talking to Faction Generals. An Incursion is an event where a team of Soul Reaper, Arrancar, or Quincy appear anywhere and attack everyone they encounter. And lastly, Time Gate has the highest chance of dropping Time Remnant among all ways. Time Gate is PvP where three teams of players have a face-off.

Becoming a Vizard in Peroxide can be difficult and time-consuming, but you can speed up the progress by using Peroxide codes. There are many clans and progressions to follow in the game, so if you are curious about them, check out our Trello links.