Peroxide Trello Links & Discord Server Wiki (2023)

Here are the Trello Links and official discord server for the Roblox Game Peroxide.

Looking for the Trello Links and official Discord server to connect with the Peroxide community? Our wiki has all you need on the Roblox Experience and how to get through it. Since the game is based on the famous anime and manga series, Bleach, there are a lot of fans who are looking to try out this game. However, if you are missing out on some kind of lore (you may not be a Bleach fan) or are just not aware with how to move forward in the game, you might want a Trello to assist you. Luckily, the developers have created a Trello Link for this game and you can check it out in this guide.

If you are a Bleach fan, you might not really need much of an introduction. However, if you are not, you might want to know all about Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincy, Shikai, Bankai, Zanpakuto, Resureccion, and more. The Trello link mentioned below will guide you with all these progressions and we will soon provide you with guides of our own if you are stuck somewhere. Also, the anime and Roblox community is huge and you can simply use the Discord link and connect with them as well. Maybe, Peroxide inspires you to watch Bleach after all.

Peroxide Trello Link Wiki (August 2023)

Peroxide Trello Links Wiki

Here is the Peroxide Trello link that you are looking for:

Peroxide Discord Server Link

Discord is one of the most widespread communities for Roblox players and anime fans alike and Peroxide does have its own official Discord Server that players can join. You can connect with other players, and get news and updates regarding the game quickly.

Peroxide Controls

  • Q – Dash
  • E – Take out your weapon
  • G – Use a mode
  • N – Teleport to your spirit realm/skill bind menu
  • V – Carry NPCs, players or objects
  • B – Grip NPCs or players
  • F – Block
  • F + M2 – While getting hit to Push Counter

That’s all you need from this Peroxide Trello link and Discord Server Wiki. If you found this guide useful, you might want to check out the Peroxide Codes on our dedicated Roblox Games section for some freebies.