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How To Get & Beat Shikai In Peroxide (Boss Fight)

Want to obtain your Shikai as a Soul Reaper? Check out our guide on how to beat Shikai in Peroxide.

If you are unable to beat Shikai in Peroxide, it’s alright since beating an AI can be more challenging than fighting a Roblox player. Inspired by the iconic anime Bleach, you can obtain Shikai by defeating it. While you can unlock the most overpowered skills, defeating your Shikai can take you more than a couple of tries. As this enemy is your inner spirit as a Soul Reaper, you will notice them duplicating your moves. But although it’s a challenging fight, it’s not impossible to defeat your Shikai. So, check out our guide on how to get and beat Shikai in this Roblox game.

How to Beat Shikai in Peroxide

how to beat shikai peroxide
Image Source – pxcks on YouTube.

You can unlock and get your Shikai in Peroxide when you reach level 15 as a Soul Reaper. Once you get to level 15, you must complete a quest by collecting 160 Orbs. After collecting these Orbs and defeating rare Adjuchas, you will be teleported to the Shikai Realm while meditating.

But before you battle against Shikai, we recommend training at the Dojo and upgrading your stats. So, here are some tips and strategies to beat Shikai in Peroxide:

  • Soon as the battle starts, your Shikai will attack you aggressively by dashing. If your guard is open, he can also use all the Shikai moves to cause you massive damage.
  • So, hold the block button by pressing the F button as you maintain a distance against him.
  • If the Shikai is repeatedly dashing and flash-stepping, try running away and uppercut him by using M1 attacks.
  • During the fight, the Shikai also uses many close-range Heavy attacks. You can cancel them out by attacking him before he uses those attacks.
  • Rather than rushing against the Shikai, we recommend analyzing their attack patterns and timing. In addition, note their blockable and unblockable moves throughout the fight.
  • As you keep on dashing and evading his attacks, don’t forget to use combo M1s against him.
  • Also, avoid walls as the Shikai can corner you to cause massive damage.

Once you have beaten the Shikai, you can press the G button to trigger the mode. But for that, the gauge on the right side of your screen must be filled up to a minimum of 20%.

That’s all about how to beat Shikai in Peroxide. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to enable and use Face tracking, how to get a Roblox character with no face, and explore more Roblox Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.