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Peroxide: How To Get Vasto Rage Ability

Get the extraordinary ability, Vasto Rage in Peroxide. And beat boss enemies with ease.

Are you wondering how you can get the Vasto Rage in Peroxide? Here is all you have to do to get this super ability in the game. This ability makes it easier for you to clear the hordes of Hollows or opponents. But it is a lengthy process, and you must commit a taboo of Soul Society. If you are a fan of the manga and anime series Bleach, then you will quickly get a grasp of the progression; as this game is inspired by the series. But even if you haven’t seen or read it, you will understand the process and obtain the Vasto Rage ability easily with our guide.

How to Obtain Vasto Rage Ability in Peroxide


There are five things you need to do to obtain Vasto Rage in Peroxide. First, you have to collect some Hogyoku. Second, you have to become a Vizard. Third, reach the Mastery 3 in Vizard form. Fourth kill over 50 Vasto Lorde. And lastly, talk to the NPC Ranbura and kill the Hollows he assigns. Let us learn about the process of obtaining Vasto Rage in detail.

  • First, collect Hogyoku from Time Raids and Boss Events.
  • Now get a Bankai and use Hogyoku to become a Vizard. When the process starts you will fall on the ground. No need to worry; this is just how you obtain the power.
  • Once you have become the Vizard, reach Mastery 3. Keep fighting the strong Hollows to get to the level faster. After reaching the Mastery 3 of the Vizard, you will see Roman number 3 on the Vizard skill. Now you have become eligible for the Vasto Rage skill of Peroxide, so continue the steps and get the ability.
  • You have to wear your Vizard mask and hunt for 30-50 Vasto Lordes.
  • After killing the required number of Vasto Lordes, you will see this line “You feel the urge to kill more…
  • Again kill between 20-50 Vasto Lordes, till you see this line “The Impure Hogyoku disappeared…

Ranbura Peroxide

  • Go to Karakura Town and search for Ranbura. You will find him beside one stair.
  • Talk to him, and he will tell you the name of the Hollows you need to kill.
  • You will get the Vasto Rage ability after you have killed the assigned Hollows

That’s all you have to do to get Vasto Rage in Peroxide. If you found this guide interesting and useful, check out our other Roblox guides. Start with how to get Shikai and then use the Peroxide codes to get free rewards.