How To Get Bankai In Peroxide

Check out this guide to know how you can get Bankai ability and some tips to defeat the boss in Peroxide.

Wondering how to get bankai and be the best soul reaper out there in peroxide? With one of the best abilities directly inspired by the hit manga turned-anime series Bleach, players can turn the tide in any given scenario as the soul reaper in the Roblox experience. Not to mention, Bankai is also one of the most powerful abilities that you will come across and wield during your progression as a soul reaper. However, if you are looking to obtain Bankai, players will first have to beat and get Shikai in the game. Even with Shikai acquired, there are many things to keep in mind before heading over to get the ability. So if you want to get the the anime’s most interesting and cool ability, then here is a guide you should check out as we explain everything about it.

How to Obtain Bankai in Peroxide

how to obtain bankai in peroxide
Image source UnoTwo on YouTube

Players will have to first become a Soul Reaper in order to get Bankai in Peroxide. To become a Soul Reaper, you will have to die at the start of the game. The easiest way to do so would be to find and locate the Kisuke NPC at his shop. Players can interact with him and ask him to turn them into a Soul Reaper. Once done, as mentioned earlier, you will need to get the Shikai ability by defeating the inner spirit. After which here are requirement you will have to follow to obtain Bankai in Peroxide:

  • Players will have to grind their way to level 85 in the game.
  • Once you reach the level, you will increase the maximum cap on the points you can accumulate.
  • After that, you will have to obtain 420 points.
  • The best ways to get the points would be to complete the Time Gate or by defeating Time Bubbles Bosses. While the Time Gate will hand you 75 points for the win, attacking Time Bubbles. bosses will 1 point for each percent of damage you deal.
  • Another method would be to do invasions in the game.

Once you have earned all the required points, you can press N on the keyboard to meditate and talk to your inner spirit. After talking to their inner spirit, players will have to fight the Bankai boss in order to get the ability in Peroxide.

How to Beat Bankai Boss

how to beat bankai boss in peroxide
Image source UnoTwo on YouTube

After activating the Bankai Boss, you will go through two phases in the battle in Peroxide. In the first phase, your sword would be taken from you in the game. Although worry not you won’t have to fight without a weapon. Turns out there will be many identical swords falling from the sky. After which you will have to find the real one from the cluster. This phase is an easy one, as you will have to go through the first seven attempts and you will be able to get your sword back. Now if you are an S- rank or above, there will be a checkpoint available for you here. Meaning, you won’t have to do the first phase again.

After completing the first phase of the battle, players will enter the second one where they will have to fight the Bankai Boss in Peroxide. Here are some tips that you can follow to defeat the boss without any hassle:

  • Use flashsteps and dodge accurately as the Bankai Boss will be one of the strongest ones you will ever face.
  • We would recommend you focus more on your vitality and support stats.
  • Once you have the stats more vitality and support focus, as the boss will replicate your stats & you will be able to take less damage from it.
  • We would also recommend you learn its attack pattern rather than spamming M1 and using combos accurately.

Once defeated, you will obtain the Bankai ability in Peroxide. You can use the ability against your enemies by pressing G on your keyboard.

That’s everything covered on how to get Bankai in Peroxide. Check out our Peroxide Clans and Trello Links & Discord Server guide to learn more about the game, right here on Gamer Tweak.