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How To Get Strange Object In Remnant 2

Heard about the Strange object in Remnant 2? Here is how you can get it.

One of the many quest items that you can get in Remnant 2 includes the Strange Object. As the name implies, you use them to unlock or progress certain quests, like main or even a side mission. There are many ways to get these items, you can stumble upon one while exploring, can get them from specific NPCs, or you can even defeat some enemies or bosses to get them. Interestingly, when it comes to the Strange object, there are actually 3 bosses you can get it from. So here is where you can find the strange object in Remnant 2, and how you can use it.

How to Get Strange Object in Remnant 2

how to Get and Use Strange Object in Remnant 2
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You can find Strange Object at Losomn, to be more precise the three areas in this world where you can find it are:

  • Beatific Gallery
  • Malefic Gallery
  • The Tormented Asylum

Based on the storyline you got, the way you will obtain this item is by defeating any of these bosses. The ones you need to kill are:

  • Faelin: In order to get Strange Object, you can beat either Faelin or Faerin. To find Faelin go to Beatific Gallery.
  • Faerin: You can find Faelin’s counterpart Faerin at the Malefic Gallery.
  • The Nightweaver: Nimue’s sister The Nightweaver can be found at The Tormented Asylum.

After you kill the respective boss based on the area you are in, you will get the Strange Object as a drop.

How to Use Strange Object

To use Strange Object, go to The Labyrinth and give it to The Keeper. They are an important NPC, one of the items that they give you is the Biome Portal Key which you can use to open a door in the Labyrinth and get Leto’s Stash.

Is Strange Object Different from Strange Box or Web?

Yes, Strange Object is different from the other two as it is a quest item. You use Strange Web or Nightweaver’s Web as a portal by giving it Nightweaver Stone Doll or Soulkey Tribute to go to The Tormented Asylum or to get the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. As for the Strange Box, it is an item that you need to unlock Archon Archetype.

That’s all on how to get the Strange Object in Remnant 2. For more help on this game check out our guides on how to get Blood Moon Essence, use Multi-class, and unlock Engineer.