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Remnant 2: How To Beat Faelin Or Faerin

Confused between the two imposters? Find out how to beat Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2 with the outcomes and rewards they offer.

Be it either beating Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2, overthrowing any of the bosses can be quite challenging. Once you find and insert the pieces of the mural for both the bosses, you will gain access to the Beatific and Mafelic Galleries in Losomn. As you head over to these locations, you will find both the bosses imply killing their counterparts. But since killing these bosses are a part of main story quests, many players are confused about killing either Fae monarch bosses. Don’t worry, find out if you should kill Faelin or Faerin along with the tips and strategies for beating both bosses.

Should you Kill Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2

Whether you choose to kill Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2, the main difference lies in the loot rewards they offer. While both bosses are equally challenging with the same moves, their mechanics slightly differ from one another. You can find Faelin located at the Beatific Gallery while the Faerin at the Malefic Gallery in the Losomn region.

So, here are all the loot drops both the bosses reward in Remnant 2:

Faerin Drops

  • Godsplitter (Melee Weapon)
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Strange Object
  • Scrap
  • 6 Lumenite Crystals
  • Melded Hilt (Crafting Material recipe to Ava McCabe)

Faelin Drops

  • Deceit (Long Gun)
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Strange Object
  • Scrap
  • 6 Lumenite Crystals
  • Imposter’s Heart (Crafting Material recipe to Ava McCabe)

In the end, all that matters is if you want the Godsplitter or Deceit weapon depending on your archetype. Defeating any Fae race bosses neither impacts the story progression nor further gameplay. So, you can kill either One True King pretender without the fear of missing out on anything.

How to Beat Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2 (Tips & Strategy)

remnant 2 beat faelin or faerin

Since the head is the weak point of both bosses, Faerin and Faelin, ensure that your reticule is always placed and aimed at their heads. Aside from that, having an ally, your canine companion, or some additional meds can help you with the boss fight. But note that both the bosses use ranged attacks as well as melee attacks to close the distance. And as these bosses can also teleport, keep on moving while also firing at them.

So, here are some tips to beat Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2:

Dodging Close-Melee Attacks

Soon as the boss fight starts, Faelin or Faerin will be at a great distance from you. But since both, the bosses can close the distance pretty fast, dodge sideways, or perform a backstep dodge. While maintaining a distance, aim and keep firing at their heads. You will have to time your dodges to avoid any close encounters. Since both the bosses can teleport when the odds are against them, you must be cautious and watch their next move, constantly.

Destroy the Energy Balls

When Faerin or Faelin is half of their health bar, they will begin creating energy orbs. Similar to turrets, these energy balls can cause serious damage if you come in contact with them. So, ensure to destroy them before any of the energy orbs get in between during the boss fight. Below 50% of their health bar, Faelin or Faerin will move faster and melee-slash more frequently.

Watch out for the Sword Blades from Above

remnant 2 beat faelin or faerin

Once you deplete 50% health bar of Faerin or Faelin in Remnant 2, either boss will start moving the sword blades. If you don’t watch these swords, they can cause you massive damage in one blow. So, whenever the swords elevate, you must create a distance between the bosses and watch out for the multiple swords above you. As you wait, you will notice these elevated swords will fall exactly below the ground.

Maintain a Distance from Faerin or Faelin’s Slam Attack

Nearing the end of their health bar, Faerin or Faelin will ground-slam attack with massive AoE damage. To avoid this damage, you must sidestep dodge, and sprint somewhere safe around the arena. Before they inflict this attack, notice that they will either grunt or yell. As soon as they start building up this attack, you must roll backward and shoot their heads.

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