Remnant 2: How To Spawn And Get Blood Moon Essence

Want to craft yourself a Knotted Helm, Blade of Gul, or some other useful items? You should get some Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2.

Out of the many resources in the game, the hardest to get in Remnant 2 is the Blood Moon Essence. Players everywhere are having trouble triggering the Blood Moon. But if you plan on using the Bloodmoon Altar, then you have no option but to collect this crafting material.

And while it may not happen often, once you do get a Blood Moon, farming this resource gets a bit easier. So here is how you can trigger and spawn a Blood Moon in Remnant 2 and how you can use its Essence to unlock the Summoner class and other rare items.

How to Trigger Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence – Farming Method

Remnant 2 Trigger Blood Moon & Get Essence

  1. To get Blood Moon Essence you should go to Yaesha. While any zone of this area can spawn the Blood Moon, the best chance you have is at The Forbidden Grove.
    • Once you have triggered a Blood Moon make sure you don’t leave the area as it will reset it and you will have to wait for another Blood Moon which sadly doesn’t happen very often.
  2. Look for purple Root Wisps that you can see flying around here.
  3. Shoot them until their health depletes and you will collect Blood Moon Essence.

How to Use Blood Moon Essence

You can use Blood Moon Essence to craft items at the Bloodmoon Altar. Depending on the item you want, you will also need Lumenite crystals & scraps as other crafting resources. These are all the items that you can get using Blood Moon Essence:

  • Knotted Set
    • Knotted Helm
    • Knotted Cage
    • Knotted Greaves
    • Knotted Gloves
  • Blade of Gul
  • Faded Grimoire (Summoner class)
  • Sanguine Vapor
  • Soul Anchor
  • Soul Guard

Can’t Spawn Blood Moon in Remnant 2 Fix?

Since the occurrence of Blood Moon is heavily dependent on RNG. The best thing to trigger it is:

  1. Go to another area in the World Map and then Fast Travel back to Yaesha. Keep doing this until a Blood Moon spawns.
  2. After coming back, destroy all the Root Wisps that you can find.
  3. Once you have cleared them all, DO NOT Fast Travel out of the area instead use doors to leave the area and then come back.
  4. This will not reset the Blood Moon but should respawn the Root Wisps. Keep repeating these steps until you are satisfied with the number of Blood Essence you have.

Tip – While the above method may feel a bit grindy, it is recommended you visit the Bloodmoon Altar and check how many Essence you need in total for all items or at least the ones you plan on using. This will give you a better understanding of how long & how much you should farm for.

For now, the spawn rates for the Blood Moon are very low. So you can either use the above workaround or wait for the developers to patch the issue and increase the ways you can trigger it.

That’s everything you need to do to get and use Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2. If you did use them to unlock the Summoner class you should also check out how to change Archetypes.