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How To Get Lucky Coins And Use Zeki’s Lucky Box In Palia

Here are all the ways to get Lucky Coins in Palia and use them to get Zeki's Lucky Box.

Are you looking for the famous Lucky Box and Lucky Coins of Palia? Read along to learn where to get these coins and how to use them in Zeki’s Machine. The Lucky Box is a gacha system of the game. You can receive almost anything from this machine, let be rare seeds or fireworks. Heat Root, Dispel Arrow, Glow Worm, Apple seeds, Repair Kits, and Lucky Zeki are a few of the best items you can get from the machine.

Where to Find Zeki’s Machine and How to Use Lucky Coins in Palia

Get Lucky Coins For Zeki Lucky Box In Palia

The Lucky Coins can be obtained in two ways. You can get them by mail after purchasing items from Zeki’s store. And you can purchase the coins from Black Market. The machine is on the right part of the store desk. And you just have to place the Lucky Coin to get Zeki’s Lucky Box in Palia.

How to Get Coins From Zeki’s General Store

Zeki’s General Store is beside the Furniture store and has a horizontal windmill on top. Press M from the keyboard to see the map and navigate the store. Once you are in the store, go to the counter. And check the list of items available for purchase. HydratePro Fertilizer, Worm, and Box of Chocolates are some useful purchases. After you have bought any item from the Zeki, check your mail and claim the Luck Coins.

Get Lucky Coins From Black Market in Palia

Black Market can be entered from Zeki’s General Store at night. It is run in the basement, whose entrance is hidden by a bookshelf. And you must complete the Ware in Low Places quest to access Black Market. The items of this market rotate, giving you a massive list of equipment, wallpaper, and other goods. But prices here are very high, so it is better to purchase cheap items from Zeki’s Store and get Lucky Coins in the mail.

How to Use Lucky Coins to Get Zeki’s Lucky Box in Palia

  • Go to Zeki’s General Store.
  • On the right part of the counter, you will see a gacha machine.
  • Approach the machine and press F to buy a Lucky Box.
  • Now, go to your Inventory using the P key. And open the Box to claim items.

That’s all you have to do to get Lucky Coins and use Zeki’s Lucky machine in Palia. If this guide was interesting to you, check out our other Palia guides. Start by increasing Storage and Focus Bonus.