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How To Grow Wild Tree Seeds In Palia (Prove Your Devotion)

Complete Prove Your Devotion quest by planting five wild tree seeds in Palia.

Want to Prove Your Devotion by planting five wild tree seeds in Palia? Here is all you have to do to get the seeds and plant them on your land. As you progress and interact more with villagers you learn new things. And one such thing is growing wild trees like Acorns. If you are growing these trees for the sake of completing a quest, then there are some things to keep in mind. Read along to learn what those things are and why to avoid them.

Where To Find And How To Plant Wild Tree Seeds In Palia

How To Grow Wild Tree Seeds In Palia

There are three ways to obtain wild tree seeds in Palia. The primary and the most popular way is to get them as tree drops. Then there is a community request method. And lastly, you can get them in the mail. And one thing that you need to remember while planting and growing, is that in Palia if you chop wild trees planted for the quest before finishing the quest, you will lose the progress.

How to Get Seeds by Chopping

Almost a week before this guide, players had to chop hundreds of trees to get five wild tree seeds. But at present, they seem to have changed the RNG rate. Now, many players are getting seeds easily just by chopping trees in their plots. And Copper Ax is more than enough for the work too.

Get Wild Tree Seeds in Mail and Request in Palia

If villagers are impressed with you, they will sometimes send you wild seeds through the mail. But that happens very rarely, so you can either rely on the first method or add a request for seed in the Community. For requesting, press O and navigate to Requests. Tap on the Request Item and select the seed you want.

How to Plant Wild Seeds in Palia

Once you have obtained the seed using any of the above methods, go to your Home.

  • Press H to open the Home menu.
  • Under Items in the left corner, you will see wild seeds.
  • Drag and put on the location you wish to plant the tree.

Now that you know how to plant wild trees in Palia, you should learn more about Gardening with our guide. And also learn how you can get other tree seeds and plant blueberries.