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Palia: How To Get Tree Seeds (Gardening Guide)

Here is a list of all the methods you can use to get tree seeds in Palia

Wondering where you can get tree seeds in Palia? There are many ways to get crops and tree seeds in the game. Some are luck based, while some need leveling up and crafting. Crop seeds are available at the General Store from the beginning, but tree seeds unlock after some skill leveling. You need to plant these seeds for completing a quest and earning Gold. Tree fruits like Apples sell for good prices and take some time to grow, so you can relax and focus on other activities.

Where to Find and Get Tree Seeds in Palia

Seed Maker In Palia For Tree Seeds

There are several ways to get tree seeds in Palia. Using Seed Maker, chopping trees, through the mail, with Lucky Box, community requests, and purchases are the sources of obtaining them in the game.

Use a Seed Maker to Make Tree Seeds in Palia

Seed Maker is crafted with Sapwood Planks, Copper Bars, Ceramics, and Plant Fibers. You will unlock its recipe once you have reached level 2 of Gardening. And it can be purchased from Badruu. After you have crafted the Seed Maker, you just have to place the fruit or vegetable in it, and in a few minutes or hours, it will give you its seeds.

Chop Trees to Find Seed

Not every time and all trees drop seeds. So you will have to keep on chopping till you get the seed. The rate of seed drop is pretty low. And trees chopped using Makeshift Ax and Standard Ax have almost no chance of dropping them. You have to use at least Fine Ax to get seeds as drops from such trees. Now there is no specific tree you need to chop, any tree will give them, as its RNG.

Receive Tree Seeds Through Mail Box in Palia

Based on your performance, and relation with the Villagers, they sometimes give you gifts through mail. Now this gift can be anything they excel in or find and think of you. The chances of getting seeds through this are low, but not zero.

Use Lucky Box and Try Your Luck

Lucky Box is a gacha system of the game that uses Lucky Coins. So place Lucky Coin in the device and hope to receive tree seeds in Palia. You will find this device in Zeki’s Store. And Lucky Coins can be obtained through Zeki’s Mails. Zeki gives you those coins whenever you buy something from him. If you don’t find anything worth buying from Zeki’s General Store, you can buy Lucky Coins from Black Market.

Use Community Request to Get Tree Seeds in Palia

How To Get Tree Seeds Palia

  • To request seed from the community, you just have to press O from the keyboard. This will open the Friends and Requests window on the right part of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Requests and press the Request Item.
  • Select the Seed you need and make a request. If you can’t find the seed for requesting, look for its fruit. You can turn fruit into seed with the Seed Maker.

Purchase Seed From the Store

You can buy tree seeds like Apples from Gardening Guild Shop with Skill Coins. But collecting Skill Coins is rather difficult, as you have to first reach level 10 of the skill, and then complete activities.

That’s all on how to get Seeds in Palia. If you are looking for more same game guides, you should check our Palia Guides and read the Gardening guide & how to expand farm plots.