How To Get Lapis In Minecraft Legends (Locations)

Need Lapis in Minecraft Legends? Don't worry this guide has you covered with where to find it.

Minecraft Legends has several different resources but one of the important ones that you should get is Lapis. While each of them serves its own purpose, Lapis is something that you will need almost throughout your playthrough. So here is everything that you should know about it from getting it to its use.

How to Get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

how to get lapis in minecraft legends
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The best way to get Lapis is by killing Piglins. They have a good chance to drop it. Don’t worry about any particular location to look for them. This is because you can come across them while you are collecting other resources. Try going out at night because more of them spawn then, giving you a higher chance of finding Lapis.

There is no button to manually pick up Lapis, when you kill the Piglins it drops beside them. Just walk over the Lapis to collect it. Make sure to do it fast because it disappears after a short while.

Another method to get Lapis from the Village Chests. You should check your map to find out where they are. An important thing to remember here is that both these methods have a chance to give you Lapis. Worry not, while you may not get it every time. You should still get them a good number of times.

Lastly, you can also find Lapis from some chests that you might come across in the game’s Open World. But these chests have a lesser chance to drop Lapis when compared to the previous methods.

And in case you are unable to pick up the Lapis, that means your storage is full. You should upgrade your storage to collect more of them.

How to Use Lapis

You use Lapis to summon mobs. Upon interacting with a Spawner you can use it to feed the Flames of Creation. So the more Lapis you have the more mobs you can summon to fight the Piglins.

Now that you have a good amount of Lapis you should also increase your mob limit. And for other help on this game, you should also check our guides on how to switch teams, increase banner size, and destroy Piglin structures.