How To Increase Mob Limit In Minecraft Legends

Want to get more Mobs? Check out our guide on how to increase the Mob limit in Minecraft Legends.

Want to know how to increase your Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends? Don’t worry, as you are not alone. You must gather various types of Mobs to create your mob army in the Legends. Sadly, while you can expand your mob army, there is a mob cap limiting the maximum number of mob spawns. Not to worry, as there is also a way to increase this max mob limit or cap. But as it requires completing some prerequisites, you might need a bit of help. So, check out our guide to find out everything about it.

How to Increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends

increase your minecraft legends mob limit

You can increase the Mob Limit by crafting or building the Improvement: Flames of Creation at the Well of Fate. You can get this improvement to increase the number of mobs you can spawn at one time. Furthermore, you can also get the Improvement: Large Flames of Creation to increase your mob cap in Minecraft Legends. However, note that the Large Flames of Creation improvement can take up more space.

If you want to spawn more mobs, you can get the plus-sized Large Improvement by spending more resources. But how to create the Flames of Creation improvement? Scroll till the end to find out.

How to Build Improvement: Flames of Creation

You can get the Flames of Creation improvement by spending resources. The standard improvement increases your mob count by 4 mobs. While the large Flames of Creation allows 10 mobs to spawn at once. So, here are the following required resources to build and craft both improvements:

  • Improvement: Flames of Creation 
    • 200 Stone
    • 200 Prismarine
    • 25 Gold
  • Improvement: Large Flames of Creation 
    • 400 Stone
    • 400 Prismarine
    • 100 Gold

In addition to getting the Flames of Creation, we also suggest getting the Banner Improvement. Along with increasing your mob limit, it is equally important to control your spawned Mobs. The Banner improvement allows you to control all the mobs. You can build this improvement at the Well of Fate in exchange for some resources.

So, here are the following required resources you need to craft the Improvement: Banner Tower:

    • 100 Stone
    • 100 Prismarine
    • 25 Gold

That’s everything covered about how to increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends. If you liked this guide, check out more guides on how to unlock First Of Mobs, how to find Diamonds, and more helpful Minecraft Legends Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.