Where To Find All Resources In Minecraft Legends

Karan Pahuja
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If you play Minecraft and are starting Legends then you won’t find all the known resources in their usual locations. This game works differently from the original. For example, instead of getting Iron underground inside caves, you now have to look for them in the overworld in places like forests. And this was just one example, there have been similar changes for other resources as well. So here are the locations for them all.

All Resources Locations for Minecraft Legends

where to find resources in minecraft legends and all resources

There are a total of 9 resources for you to use in Minecraft Legends. Initially, you can easily find wood and stone almost everywhere. But many other resources need to be unlocked first before you can send your allay to collect them. And the rest of them need to be collected from Piglins. So here are the places where you should look for them:

Where to Find Wood

While you can get wood everywhere in the game, the best place to farm them is the Forest biomes. Aside from that you can also look for them in swamp areas. These are available from the start so you don’t have to worry about unlocking them.


Where to Find Stone

Just like wood, you can find stone almost everywhere. But they aren’t available in bulk, so you should go to the Fatelands biome to find more of them easily. And again similar to wood, stone is unlocked from the start.

Where to Find Iron

The best places to get Iron are Forests and Dry Savannahs. So now you no longer need to go into the caves to get them. Aside from that you can also find them in Fatelands and Meadow Biomes. You can unlock it by collecting Iron Improvement.

Where to Find Coal

You should look for coal in Badlands and Meadow Biomes. To unlock it, simply collect Coal Improvement.

Where to Find Diamond

You should go to the Tundra and Jagged Pweak Biomes when looking for Diamonds. You need to collect Diamond Improvement in order to unlock it.

Where to Find Redstone

Similar to Wood, you can find Redstone in swamp and jungle biomes. They are easy to spot thanks to their red color on the blocks. Collet the Redstone Improvement to unlock it.

Where to Find Lapis

Unlike the above resources mentioned so far. There is no particular location where you can find Lapis. You instead need to kill Piglins and get it from them as drops. You don’t have to unlock it just fighting the Piglins is enough to get them.

Where to Find Prismarine

Another resource that you don’t have to unlock to get is Prismarine. But the catch is they are even rarer than Lapis as you need to destroy Piglin structures for them. Look for them in any Piglin Outposts you might come across.

Where to Find Gold

Destroy Piglin bases to get gold from them. This is also a resource that you cannot mine. You can also get gold from Piglin chests which you can randomly find in Piglin Outposts. If you cannot open them then you should get its key first by defeating the different Piglins nearby.

With this, you now know how to get all resources and their locations in Minecraft Legends. You should also find these guides useful for this game on how to increase banner size, increase mob limit, and switch teams.

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