How To Increase Banner Size In Minecraft Legends

Check out how to increase banner size in Minecraft Legends.

In Minecraft Legends, you can increase your Banner Size to command more Golems, but the game doesn’t tell you how. If you want to increase the number of mob units in your army then you’re at the right place. For new players, in this action RPG, you must protect the Overworld from the terrifying Piglins. These Piglins devour every resource resulting in vast barren lands. Now, the fate of the Overworld is in your hands. You’ll need more troops to protect it and this guide will tell you how.

Minecraft Legends: How To Increase Banner Size

Improvement Banner in Journal to Increase Banner Size
Image Source: ibxtoycat on YouTube

To increase the Banner Size in Minecraft Legends, you must build the Improvement: Banner at the Well of Fate. You can press ‘R’ or the assigned key for Journal and find the Improvement: Banner in the ‘Improvements and Host Melodies’ tab. To build this banner, you’ll require the following materials:

  • 100 Stones
  • 100 Prismarine
  • 25 Gold

Once you build this banner, you can increase the size of your troops by +10. Before building the Improvement: Banner, you must build a structure called the Improvement Hub. You’ll need 250 Stone and 45 Prismarine to build this hub.

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To make the best use of your increased Banner Size, you should increase your mob spawn limit. You can build Improvement: Flames of Creation to do so. This structure will cost you 200 Stone, 200 Prismarine, and 25 Gold. With this, you can spawn four more units. And finally, to increase the spawn limit by +10, you can build Improvement: Large Flames of Creation. To build this structure, you’ll need 400 Stone, 400 Prismarine, and 100 Gold.

This will help you to spawn and command a large battalion against the Piglins. That’s everything from us on how to increase banner size in Minecraft Legends. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our Minecraft Legends guides section.