How To Fast Travel Using Waypoints In Minecraft Legends

Here is how to unlock waypoints for fast travel in Minecraft Legends.

The vast overworld of Minecraft Legends would seem extremely overwhelming even if you use the horse mount. After all, if any of your villages are being invaded by the Piglins, reaching there before time would be simply possible. However, Mojang Studios have introduced the fast travel feature in this game. But since it is not enabled from the get-go, it can become confusing. Don’t worry as this guide will show you how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends.

How to Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends


First things first, you will need to unlock Fast Travel Waypoints. There are a total of three waypoints in the campaign mode. After unlocking the three waypoints, you will be able to fast travel in Minecraft Legends.

The three waypoints for fast travel can be found in Friendly Villages and also an important structure – Wellhouses. All you need to do is open the map and hover around any waypoint, and press the Fast Travel button below it. This will immediately teleport you to that specific location from anywhere in the vast overworld. This comes in quite handy when any of your villages are under the Piglin’s attacks.

The Villages and the Wellhouse will be your only fast travel options in the game. The Wellhouse can be built anywhere on the map. All you require is 250x Wood, 250x Stone, 75x Iron, and 50x Prismarine. Once you complete building this structure, it will serve as both a Fast Travel waypoint and a respawn point.

That’s everything covered on how to unlock waypoints and fast travel in Minecraft Legends. If you want to know more about the multiplayer option in the game, then check out how to play the PvP mode. Whereas if you want to know about the friendly NPCs and hostiles in the game, then read about all the New Mobs in Minecraft Legends.