Minecraft Legends Multiplayer Co-op – How To Play PvP Mode

Shreyansh Shah
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Are you wondering how the Minecraft Legends multiplayer works? Then you are at the right place as we will explain everything on the PvP right here. While the basic strategy gameplay of Minecraft still upholds in the PvP mode, you will have a lot more to do with your defense planning and attacks on other settlements in Minecraft Legends. However, since the game is new, players won’t know what to prioritize and what to concentrate on. So, we recommend you check out this guide and understand how the multiplayer mode can be played.

How to Play Minecraft Legends Multiplayer

Minecraft Legends PvP Mode Explained

If you are looking to play Multiplayer in Minecraft Legends, the two modes that you will be able to enjoy are the Campaign mode in a co-op or the player versus player mode. It is quite easy to set up a multiplayer game. However, you will have doubts like how to change teams since the selection is made at random. Hopefully, all your doubts will be cleared soon. In the meanwhile, you can understand how to play the two multiplayer modes right below.

How to Play Co-Op Campaign in Minecraft Legends

As we mentioned, it is quite easy to set up a Multiplayer game. Simply click the New Game button and then you can press Tab (button designated on the bottom right) to invite your friends from the list. While the campaign mode will only allow 3 friends to join in on your campaign, you will get a lot more when you play the PvP.

How to Play PvP Mode in Minecraft Legends Multiplayer

While the campaign mode tasks you to destroy Piglin structures, the PvP multiplayer tasks you to defeat the enemy’s Well of Fate. If you want to create a PvP lobby, you simply need to select the Versus Mode from the main menu. Now once you open your friends list, you can invite up to 7 friends and battle it out in a 4 v 4.

Although you can have fewer players than 4, the best experience will come in a 4 v 4. Nevertheless, if you don’t have that many players, you can simply play on a public server and hope you get the same team.

How to Join Multiplayer Game

If you are not hosting a game but want to join your friend’s Multiplayer match in Minecraft Legends, you will have to search for the host in your list. However, do note that their Player Settings has to be Friends instead of Invite Only. Once you come across the host’s name in your list, simply click the Join Game option.

Is There Crossplay In Minecraft Legends?

Yes, Minecraft Legends supports crossplay for all platforms. Since it’s all done through your Microsoft account, players on PC can easily connect with players on console. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any cross-platform issues hurting your Multiplayer.

That’s all there is on how to play Minecraft Legends multiplayer. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Multiplayer Legends guides right here at Gamer Tweak.