How To Destroy Piglin Structures In Minecraft Legends

Here's your guide on how to destroy Piglin Structures in Minecraft Legends.

One of the most challenging parts in Minecraft Legends is to destroy the Piglin Structures and encampments. Since the Piglin Hordes have a habit of creating difficult structures for players to break, it can get baffling for many to get them down. Many would have already tried to use their diamond swords on the structures but failed to break it. So how is it that you destroy these Piglin structures in the game? Well, we will show that to you right below.

How to Destroy Piglin Structures in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Destroy Buildings

The best way to destroy Piglin Structures in Minecraft Legends is to use your mobs. Simply wave the banner and your troops will now start breaking the buildings. Do note that no matter how many times you strike the buildings with your sword, it won’t work at all. The structures are completely immune to your sword attacks so you will only waste your time.

Since there are different types of Minecraft Legends mobs, you will have to understand how they work. Some of the friendly mobs are quite useful when it comes to breaking buildings other than the others. One of the best in business would be the Stone Golems who are cheap as well as very effective.

Apart from the golems, Creepers are also quite effective for this business. So if you learn to effectively use the golems and the creepers, you will be able to bring down structures much more easily and quickly. To be fair, Creepers are way more effective and you can get things done quite quickly. So if we had to choose one of them, we would go with the Creepers.

That’s all there is on how to destroy Piglin structures in Minecraft Legends. If you love playing Minecraft Legends, we recommend you check out our other guides right here at Gamer Tweak.