How To Remove Framerate Cap In Elden Ring (FPS Unlocker Mod)

Don't like the 60 FPS lock & want to use a mod to remove the Framerate Cap in Elden Ring? Here are the features of the mod & the risks associated with it.

Is Elden Ring locked at 60FPS? Well, unfortunately, yes. If you have a setup that supports a framerate that’s higher and you prefer that in your games, you will be disappointed. But PC modders work hard and now there’s an FPS unlocker mod that removes the framerate lock. If you’d like to try it out, here’s how to remove the framerate cap in Elden Ring.

How to Remove Framerate Cap in Elden Ring (FPS Unlocker Mod)

how to remove framerate cap elden ring fps unlocker

Players who wish to remove the Framerate Cap that’s set at 60 FPS in Elden Ring can download and install the mod by uberhalit on Github. With this FPS Unlocker mod, you can remove the frame rate limit, change FOV, add widescreen support, change the Game Speed, and more. Simply head to the Github page and scroll to the Download section where you can click on the “Get the latest release here” link.

As you can tell, many of the features come under “cheats” which is why you need to use this Elden Ring FPS unlocker offline. You won’t be able to use the online multiplayer options like summoning other players and you won’t get invaded as well. Plus the features of bloodstains or messages won’t be available.

Also, there’s a risk factor. We are not sure, but FromSoftware could potentially ban players in case they find out you are using external mods. In case you forget to remove the add-ons and begin playing online, there’s a chance that you might get flagged. So, consider these risks and make your decision.

Here are the features as listed on the mod’s page:

does not modify any game files, RAM patches only

works with legit, unmodified steam version as well as with unpacked, not-so-legit versions

unlock frame rate (remove FPS limit)

remove forced 60 Hertz (Hz) limit in fullscreen

increase or decrease field of view (FOV)

add support for widescreen monitors

game modifications

global game speed modifier (increase or decrease)

disable losing Runes on death

Things to Keep in Mind while using the Elden Ring FPS Unlocker Mod

  • Play the game in offline mode.
  • Make sure EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) is not running.
  • Nvidia: Use Nvidia Control Panel to set ‘Preferred Refreshrate’ to ‘Highest available’ on a Elden Ring Profile, if you aren’t using GSYNC/FreeSYNC then set ‘Vsync’ to ‘Off’.
  • AMD: Use Radeon Settings to set ‘Wait for Vertical Refresh’ to ‘Enhanced Sync’, ‘Fast Sync’ or ‘Always Off’ on a Elden Ring profile.
    Start the patcher every time you want to use any of its features.

If you face issues while using this mod, a few troubleshooting tips are recommended by the creator:

  • Disable Fullscreen optimization by right mouse clicking on eldenring.exe > Compatibility > check Disable fullscreen optimizations.
  • Allow the Elden Ring FPS Unlocker in your Antivirus software.
  • Disable Steam Overlay.
  • Close any Streaming overlays and apps.
  • Reinstall your graphics drivers.

Make sure you read through all the recommendations by the modder and the limitations on the Github page.

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