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Elden Ring: How To Disable Messages That Other Players Leave?

Here's how to write messages and also avoid the hints if you don't want them.

Elden Ring handles multiplayer very differently. Instead of adding friends via UI options, you must use multiplayer items to summon them into your world. Another aspect of communication is that you can send a message for other players to share some tips to survive in this brutal journey. While many are loving the feature of leaving messages for others, many are also curious to know how to get rid of them.

How to Disable Messages in Elden Ring?


There is no option within the Message menu to remove messages. We even tried to turn off the “Show Tutorials” option under the in-game Settings > Sound and Display but it did not help. So, the only thing players can do when they encounter the “Read Message” text after approaching the rocks, is to simply avoid interacting with it. Although reading a message will help you understand more about the dangers lying ahead, you can skip on reading them entirely if you’d like. Thankfully, they don’t pop up on your screen by default, so players who wish to get the necessary hints can approach them by choice.

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How to Leave Messages for Other Players?


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  • If you wish to leave messages to help other players to warn them about an enemy or tell them about important things, battle tactics, directions etc, you need the item Tarnished’s Wizened Finger.
  • You can get it from the corpse in the beginning of the game itself.
  • Equip it to the quick menu slot via the inventory.
  • Also, check that Online Play has been selected under the Settings > Launch Setting.
  • Now, press Square (PS) or X (Xbox) on your controller to write a message.
  • Use the Template for the sentence, the important word, any gesture and form your message to send out to the world.
  • If players found it helpful, they can rate your message. If another player ends up rating a message that you have written, your HP will get refilled. You will be able to see the Appraisals received by players in the Discovered Messages tab.

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That’s everything about how to leave messages and “get rid” of them in Elden Ring. While you are here, make sure to check out our Elden Ring Guides for more interesting tips & tricks, like How to summon friends and play coop.