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Elden Ring Multiplayer Explained: Coop, PvP, Invasions

Not sure how the Co-op, PvP and Invasion system works in Elden Ring Multiplayer? Check this out!

Players of From Software games are already aware of the fact that multiplayer works a bit differently in their games. If you are trying out a game from this genre for the first time, or simply want to know more about it, here’s an Elden Ring Multiplayer explainer guide that gives you an idea about how PvP, Co-op & Invasions work.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Explained – How Does it Work?

elden ring multiplayer coop pvp invasions

There are three categories of multiplayer in Elden Ring – Competitive, Cooperative and Invasion. You can play with friends or you can work together with/against strangers.

Elden Ring Co-operative Multiplayer

  • If you prefer to take down enemies with allies, you will need to summon them and for that, you require items. There are various multiplayer items and the ones related to co-op are Tarnished’s Furled Finger and Furlcalling Finger Remedy.
  • With Tarnished’s Furled Finger, you can announce to the world that you want to be summoned. And with Furlcalling Finger Remedy, you will be able to see multiplayer signs of players that want to be summoned. Interact with the sign you see on the ground, and then you can summon that player into your world to get their help.
  • The Small Golden Effigy will send a cooperative sign to the summoning pool.

Basically, it’s like the summoner is asking for help, and the one who is summoned, jumps in to help you. You can also head over to the worlds of other players to be the rescuer and help them in their objective.

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Elden Ring Competitive Multiplayer

While co-op multiplayer will bring in allies, competitive multiplayer will let you jump into a different world to fight against them. The multiplayer item you will need for that is the Duelist’s Furled Finger. Your mission in this will be to beat the Host of Fingers of the world to which you are summoned. The Furlcalling Finger Remedy will also reveal competitive summon signs that you can use. The Small Red Effigy will send a competitive sign to the summoning pool as well.

Elden Ring Invasion System Explained

Use the Bloody Finger multiplayer item to attempt an invasion of another player’s world. If the invasion is successful, you need to defeat the Host of Fingers. You can use Finger Phantoms as items during invasion multiplayer games. Plus, you can also attempt to invade the same world you have invaded before.

With the Taunter’s Tongue, you can call for others to invade your world. You can get invaded without a Furled Finger cooperator present. It will also reduce the duration of re-invasion and let a second invader join in.

If you need help, you can use the White Cipher Ring which will automatically request a hunter from another world to help you out when you are invaded. Similarly, with the Blue Cipher Ring, the wearer becomes “ready” to answer if someone asks for help in another world.

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Elden Ring’s Multiplayer is very interesting and unlike regular games where you have to invite friends into a friend list and add them into your squad. This surely adds to the immersion and challenge of the game, something From Software games’ players are very well versed with.