Elden Ring: How Many Players For Coop?

This guide will answer your question of how many players can join in Co-op mode and how it works.

How many players can play Elden Ring Coop? This is a question on the minds of many players who are planning to summon friends and take down enemies together. While players can certainly spend 80+ hours experiencing the Lands Between solo, sometimes, you might just need some extra help. You can either call for your friend to rescue you, or you can rescue them. The format is similar to the Souls games and if you are a frequent player of that genre, this mechanic is familiar to you already.

How Many Players Coop in Elden Ring?

How Many Players Coop in Elden Ring

Up to 4 players can join in Co-op and play Elden Ring together. How to add people to your squad, you ask? You need to summon them using multiplayer items via the menu.

To help a friend out, you have to send out an “I want to be summoned” signal which requires the multiplayer item called Tarnished’s Furled Finger. A Gold sign will appear on the ground that your friend can interact with and summon you into their world to beat a boss. Note that there are some areas where you cannot place the sign and you also need to ensure that your friend is near the location. It’s recommended to place signs in near Sites of Grace. Also, the color of the signs matter. Gold symbolizes friends/allies and Red means opponent (Competitive multiplayer).

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To be able to see the Gold Signs, the player needs the Furlcalling Finger Remedy (which is a consumable). So, you need to either find them in the world or craft them with the help of Erdleaf Flowers. In case you are willing to play with randoms, you can use the Summoning Pool. The Small Golden Effigy will send out a summon sign for co-op multiplayer to a Summoning Pool.

Use the Finger Severer to remove players from your world and send them back to their own respective worlds. Also when you kill your opponents or you end up getting killed, the coop session will end.

That should answer your query of how many players can play Elden Ring co-op and what are the multiplayer items you need to use. We’ve explained more aspects of multiplayer (competitive and invasions) in this guide, so be sure to check it out. Plus, if you are curious to know the best starting class, head over to our article right away.