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Elden Ring Touch Bloodstains Not Working?

What does touching bloodstains do in Elden Ring and how to fix them if they are not working? Find out here.

What are the bloodstains on the ground and how do they help you in the game? This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Touch Bloodstains feature in Elden Ring and also the reason why they may not be working for you.


What does Touching Bloodstains Do in Elden Ring?

touch bloodstain not working elden ring

When you touch a Bloodstain in Elden Ring, you can see the ghost of another player in the event of their death. The Bloodstains are a type of hint that you can use just like the messages that other players leave on the ground. When you interact with a Bloodstain by pressing the button prompt that appears (E on PC), you will see a red silhouette of a player who will be shown fighting, and then they will die.


This is great if you are heading into the location for the first time and want to know if any dangers lie nearby. If you see a bloodstain (or multiple), the danger is lurking ahead, so be prepared.

Sometimes, you might even see your own death that occurred previously. Although the enemy won’t be shown, the count of bloodstains on the ground will give you an idea about an upcoming fight. So if you’d like to avoid the enemy, you have the chance to do so in this moment.

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Bloodstains Not Working on PC?

Quite a few players are able to see the bloodstains on the ground but unable to interact with it. This error isn’t game-breaking because you can still understand from the presence of bloodstains that players have died here. But if you are not able to see a Ghost, there’s a chance that the issue is related to server overload (which is also creating new errors). Restart the game and see if you are able to interact with them.

This might not be one of the high-priority bug fixes for the devs to solve at this point, but soon enough, once the teething issues are resolved, this one should get fixed in a patch too.