Starfield Flight Simulator Location & How To Complete (Vanguard)

Unable to find the UC Vanguard ship simulator? Here's where you can find out the Starfield Flight Simulator location to level up your piloting skills.

Finding the Starfield Flight or Ship Simulator location is a hassle but crucial if you want to level up your Piloting skills. Being an in-game ship simulator, there’s not much at stake as you can retry countless times. All you need to do is destroy the ships you face. As multiple skill objectives require destroying ships, this is a great way to level up your piloting skills. Once you join the UC Vanguard faction, you can access this simulation game to hone your piloting skills. But as players join the UC Vanguard, they seem to be locked out. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the UC Vanguard Flight or Ship simulator location in this game.

Where is the Flight Simulator in Starfield (Location)

starfield flight simulator location complete ship simulator
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You can find the Ship or Flight Simulator in Starfield located inside a big building in the MAST district in New Atlantis. As you head there, speak to Commander Tuala to get the Supra Et Ultra quest, the first UC Vanguard mission. Use the elevators and head to the Vanguard Orientation Hall to access the Ship Simulator. In total, there are six tiers of the Flight Simulator that you need to complete.

Here are all the six tiers and the Simulated ships you will face at once:

  • Tier 1: One level 32 ship.
  • Tier 2: Two level 20 ships.
  • Tier 3: Two level 38 ships.
  • Tier 4: One level 44 ship.
  • Tier 5: Four level 46 ships.
  • Tier 6: Five ships of different difficulty levels.

How to Complete the Ship Simulator

Here’s how to access and complete the Ship or Flight Simulator in Starfield:

  • Head to the Vanguard Orientation Hall and proceed to the Piloting Simulation Chamber.
  • Use the marker to enter the designated simulation pod.
  • Grab the Pilot’s seat and defeat at least three tiers of opponents to pass the test.
  • Once you defeat the first Tier 1 simulated ship, you will unlock the Simulation Controls beside the pilot’s seat.
  • Under these controls, you can use the Debug tools in the Flight Simulator for several upgrades. These upgrades can help you complete the difficulty tiers faster.
  • They are as follows:
    • Shield Upgrade (Lasts for 1 tier)
    • Damage Upgrade (Lasts for 1 tier)
    • Generate Ally
    • Authorized Users Only
  • To unlock the fourth debug tool limited to Authorized users, you must hack the advanced lock using Digipick.
  • For that, you will need a Rank 2 Security level.
  • After you unlock this debug tool, here are the following tools you can get:
    • Infinite Upgrades (persisting between all six tiers)
    • Generate Debug Ally (Level 62 allyship dealing massive damage)

You can head to the Commander after completing the desired tiers of the Ship Simulator. Completing any tiers of difficulty will reward you with credits alongside having your UC citizenship. But if you beat the entire Vanguard Piloting Exam (six tiers), you can get UC citizenship in three years.

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