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Starfield: How To Use Thrusters

Spaceships in Starfield are capable of thrust maneuvering using their thrusters. This is how you can do it.

In Starfield weather, you are dealing with powerful enemies, pirates, or dogging around from space matters, high maneuverability is the key to increase your survivability chances. The thrusters on your spaceship are made for that, providing you extra thrust and mobility. Wondering how to use these thrusters from your spaceship in Starfield? This guide will help you to unlock and use this ability.

How to Unlock and Use Spaceship Thrusters in Starfield

Unlocking piloting skill to use thrusters in Starfield

Well, before we start, it is worth mentioning that in order to use the thrusters you’ll have to unlock them by having the piloting skills from the Starfield tech skill tree. Once you have acquired the piloting skill, thruster features will automatically be functional on your spaceship.

This skill can be acquired by completing the piloting mission or by assigning this skill point during the character creation process.

Controls for Thrusters

Now that you have unlocked the ability to use thrusters, here is how to control them in Starfield. On your PC, press and hold the space bar on your keyboard while flying the ship. Next, you can press and arrow keys or WASD key to move up, down, or sideways. Furthermore, you can use the boost feature (L Shift) with thrust to improve your mobility.

For Xbox, the controls are simple and straightforward as well. All you have to do is hold “RB” and move your “left thumb stick” in your desired direction.

Usage of Thrusters

Mastering the skill of thrusting enables you to perform difficult sharp turns, drift, and acrobatics with your ship. With a combination of boost and thrust will help increase your survival chances. Additionally, using thrusters strategically and efficiently gives you the upper hand in intensive dogfights and outmaneuvering your opponents.

With more practice and experimentation with different maneuvers, you can improve your combat capabilities, opening a new level of control and command over your spaceship. This will help you in situations like invading space projectiles and win intense intergalactic battles.

That’s everything covered on how to unlock and use thrusters on the ship in Starfield. Check out this article to learn how to unlock skills and abilities in Starfield or learn about the best skill you should unlock first. Moreover, you can go through the Starfield section on Gamer Tweak to learn more tips and guides.