How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons Unable To Verify Game Ownership Error

Here is a an possible fix for Minecraft Dungeons Ownership not established error. Mojang Studio are currently aware about the problem.

Mojang Studious are aware about Minecraft Dungeons ownership bug. Players have reported unable to play game due to  ‘Unable to verify Game ownership’ error in Minecraft Dungeons’. If you do face one, do not start questioning yourself.

Minecraft Dungeons being the newest entry of 2020, there are high chances of glitches just like any other newly released game. But you do want to play the game right! Well, here we are, ready to help you.

How to verify Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership?

The ‘Unable to verify Game ownership’ error might pop up when you start Minecraft Dungeons on your PC, Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. Along with this error is the message – “Sorry, we’re currently unable to verify that you own Minecraft Dungeons. Please make sure that you have a working internet connection and try again.” The message clearly states the error and you have to fix in the message itself –

Check your Network Connection before and after you start the game.

If the error still persists, well Mojang Studios has acknowledged your concern. They are currently trying to fix the ownership error for Minecraft Dungeons. Once your network issue and the glitches on the developers’ part have been solved, you will directly jump into the game. This is the only possible way to fix the ‘Unable to verify Game ownership’ error for Minecraft Dungeons.

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