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How Much Time Does It Take To Complete Minecraft Dungeons?

It will take you just a few hours or an eternity to complete the game

How much time are you willing to devote to Minecraft Dungeons? Gamers are often keen on knowing the total time it would take an average gamer to finish the game. This way they can analyze gameplay, storyline, and overall worth of a game.

Minecraft Dungeons is majorly a small game, which can be finished in a day. But this is just a nip of the bud. The actual game, when played at its full potential, is an infinitely long adventure. In Minecraft Dungeons you are basically playing a dungeon crawler wrapped in a Minecraft skin.


This is in true essence, a dungeon crawler game where you are constantly exploring and looting and fighting. You do this over and over again, and the game doesn’t seem to end, because it is what it is. In truth, you cannot put a time tag on this game. Yet we will try to do it, keeping in mind certain conditions.

Time taken to finish Minecraft Dungeons

Only the main story


If you decide to play just the main story of the game (and if you are happy with that), you are in for a real treat. Because finishing the “not so complex” main storyline of Minecraft Dungeons will take you around 4 and a half hours. That’s it!

This time has been officially recorded for completing the main story which excludes all side stories, side missions, level repeats, and taking the shortest path to the finish line.

Playing the main story (at every difficulty level)


If you do not know this, Minecraft Dungeons has divided its game into 2 modes of difficulties. One is the overall difficulty of the game and the other is the individual difficulties for every dungeon. Here is a complete guide to Changing Difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons.

Playing the main storyline at all of its difficulty levels will take you an additional 5 and a half hours. This brings the total to 10 hours of gameplay to finish Minecraft Dungeons at all its difficulty levels.

Playing the mains storyline + side missions and loot quests


Now if you are expecting a quantified number to this section, yes there definitely is one. But there is more to it. In essence, you can finish Minecraft Dungeons with all its side missions in about 21 hours.
That’s a lot, you think!?

Well, it does not stop just there. Minecraft Dungeons is still testing out more stuff, which will soon be added to the game in future DLC updates. There are infinitely many chests that randomly popup in the game.

Being a dungeon crawler there should, by definition, be no end to this game. Hence, for now, the total time taken to complete Minecraft Dungeons is around one full day. If you further want to reduce this time, knowing the enemies beforehand will seriously do the job. Here is a list and information on all enemies of Minecraft Dungeons.