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All Enemies In Minecraft Dungeons

Know them all to defeat them all!

Minecraft has master craftsmanship at introducing the best enemies, armies, and final bosses in the game. With a roster 4 main extremely powerful bosses, leading one of the strongest armies, Dungeons is packed with string foes to compete against. Although Minecraft Dungeons is set in the Minecraft genre of the lego-like world, it bears the true spirit of the very first dungeon-crawler, Diablo. And for good reasons!

The list of enemies in this game far surpasses the brigade of weapons and armories in the game. This itself is proof that Minecraft Dungeons will be no easy game to conquer. You will need strong support from your allies and strategic planning if you wish to take down each and every enemy in the game. We bring to you the complete list of enemies that you will be facing in Minecraft Dungeons.


List of all Enemies in Minecraft Dungeons

The Main Bosses

These are the strongest of them all, the leaders of the underworld, the supremes of the game. The main bosses of Minecraft Dungeons aren’t characters to be fiddled around with. When you engage in a battle against them, you take it to the grave. Otherwise, they are most likely to crush you any second of the gameplay. Here are the 4 main bosses of Minecraft Dungeons –


The False King
False King is one of the strongest enemies you can face in Minecraft Dungeons. After all, the army guarding him is the strongest of them all – The Royal guards of Illager type. The False King’s powers haven’t been truly revealed yet but we are expecting it soon enough.

The Necromancer
The Necromancer is everything you feared as a child. The ruler of the Desert possessing the ability to raise the army of the dead, procurer of skeletal Vanguards for defenses, and a Master Teleporter.

The Necromancer will clone himself into 9 beings when felt cornered, and grill you with great firepower. Good luck with finding the real ones from the group! Also, the fireballs from each clone do real damage.


Redstone Monstrosity
The perfect looking Dungeon monster, the Redstone Monstrosity is all about pomp and glory. Heading the Redstone Golem army, Monstrosity will burn you to a crisp if you come in its way. Glowing bright crimson in lava, the Redstone Monstrosity is a true king of hell.

Arch-Illager is the final enemy boss you will be facing in Minecraft Dungeons. As we haven’t reached the final stages of the game, not much is known about him. Although there is the origin story that depicts him, like a villager who was disliked by all others.

Where one day he chanced upon a mystic artifact that gave him the summoning power of Illager. He can now randomly ambush the players with his summons.


Side Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons

These side bosses aren’t powerful enough to earn the title of the main bosses, and yet are pretty lethal in their own ways. These mini-bosses will often appear in the playthroughs and you will most definitely end up dying at their hands unless you can apply skillful strategies to defeat them.

The only ability we know of the Enderman is teleportation. Here is how you can easily beat the Enderman.

The very first boss you will encounter in the game. You can easily defeat this one, but make sure to dodge all of his pincer attacks. Here is how you can easily beat the Evoker.

Redstone Golem
One of the strongest mini-bosses, the Redstone Golem is the newest addition to the Minecraft universe. These are extremely powerful lava gurgling monsters that will most definitely take you down if your defenses are not good enough. Here is how you can easily beat the Restone Golem.

Enemy Mobs

Enemy mobs comprise the major chunk of enemies in Minecraft Dungeons. Most of the time you will find yourself fighting either one of these enemies. Although weak in abilities, these mobs come in overwhelming numbers, and defeating them can be a tough task. Here is a list of all enemy mobs in Minecraft Dungeons –

Illagers: Witch, Enchanter, Royal Guards, Summoner, Vindicator, Armored Vindicator, Geomancer, Pillager
Skeletons: Basic Skeleton, Armored Skeleton, Skeleton Vanguard, Enchanted Skeleton

Creepers: Basic Creepers

Spiders: Basic Spiders, Cave Spiders

Redstone: Redstone Cube

Zombies: Husk Zombie, Armored Zombie, Enchanted Zombie, Chicken Jockey

Other Mobs: Wraith, Slime

And that’s a wrap! These are all the enemies that you are about to face in Minecraft Dungeons. Every enemy can bring something new to the game, hence do not be fooled by their appearances or size. With this guide, you can surely be ready for each and every enemy the game throws at you, just remember to not let your guard down even for a second.

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