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How To Easily Beat The Redstone Golem in Minecraft Dungeons

Defeat this fiery monster

You will find a wide array of enemies to kill in Minecraft Dungeons. One of them is the Redstone Golem and killing him is not that simple if you don’t know his strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we will show you the best way to kill Redstone Golem in Minecraft Dungeons.

How To Kill The Redstone Golem


Here’s how you can bring the Redstone Golem to its knees. These hints will surely help you devise a good strategy to take down this lava monster.

Avoid the lava mines

The Redstone Golem will attack by striking you with its arms and by creating lava mines on the ground. These mines are dangerous because you might step on them inadvertently while you are running away from his monstrous body. One of the simplest tips you can keep in mind during the combat with Redstone Golem is to avoid the mines completely. Of course, it’s a no-brainer, but during the fight there’s a high chance of this happening, so be careful. If you keep stepping on those little mines, your health can reduce drastically. Also note that the Redstone Golem will constantly keep changing the locations of the mines, so stay alert while moving around.


When the Redstone Golem is conjuring up the lava mines, he will stop and wait at one position. During this time, he is vulnerable and you can attack him from a close distance. If he starts chasing you, run from him because his arm strikes will deal a great amount of damage to you. Use speed boosts to escape from his attacks.

Summon a companion

Another good tip is to summon a wolf pet and distract the Redstone Golem while you unleash attacks on him without giving him a moment to breathe. Using a long range weapon and dealing damage to it from afar will also be effective in this fight, but it totally depends on your choice. You can also choose melee attacks while the Redstone Golem is busy fighting off the wolf.


Don’t enter the pools of lava

You don’t just have worry about lava mines, there are also some pools of lava that will be present on the ground which you might not notice at first. They are orange in color and will have a slight movement of lava so that’s how you can identify them. If you get caught in it, you will get constant damage. Luckily, these areas will not change their location during the battle, so make sure to remember where these are on the ground.

So this is basically how you can take on the Redstone Golem boss in Minecraft Dungeons. For more boss fight guides and other tips and tricks, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides on GamerTweak.