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Enderman Boss Guide: How To Defeat Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons

Nightmare fuel

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will encounter the first Enderman boss, a black monster with long arms and glowing eyes. In the original Minecraft game, you could make him aggro just by looking at him, but in Minecraft Dungeons, he will get pissed off if you come near him. Want to know how you can take him down? Keep reading this guide to know how to beat an Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Beat Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons

Before trying to take on the Enderman, you should know how he appears and also how he attacks. He will appear immediately after your screen gets a grainy effect, which is a warning of his arrival. The Enderman has the abilities to move fast and teleport which he uses very well to give you a tough fight. He will follow you quickly, keep hitting you and right when you are about to attack him, he will disappear and reappear somewhere else.

In order to fight him, you must keep moving around the area. You can attack him from afar using arrows or if you are nearby, you can get a few strikes in with melee weapons. The best time to attack Enderman is when it pauses after it tries to attack you. So make sure to dodge his strikes and come back to attack him immediately.

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If you feel like you are getting overwhelmed by Enderman’s attacks, you can summon a companion (like a wolf) to fight alongside you. In this case, the Enderman will focus on the summoned creature which will give you enough time to attack the boss.
defeat-enderman-minecraft-dungeonsIf there are other enemies apart from Enderman, take them down first because you do not want the headache of dealing with both types of enemies at the same time. You can choose to use TNT to finish the smaller enemies off at the same time.

Also see if a particular Enderman fight is an optional battle. Because if that’s the case, you can simply skip him completely until his health bar is no longer visible.

So this is how you can tackle the Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons. To know more useful tips, check out all our Minecraft Dungeons guides on GamerTweak.