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Minecraft Dungeons: How To Unlock Secret Cow Level?

Find all the 10 Runes and Unlock the Secret Cow Level

There is a good chance that you will never know about the Secret Cow level in Minecraft Dungeons. After all, it is an exclusive and well-hidden level in the game. Not everyone will be able to play this, only because almost no one knows about it.

But don’t feel left out. We are here to help. With this guide, you will not only know how to reach the Secret Cow location but also how to unlock the Level. This level is set on the Mooshroom Island inhabited by futile mooshroom enemies.


The Secret Cow location is the church at the camp on this island. And you can obviously enjoy the exclusive rewards you win at this level. After all, it is a secretive and exclusive mission.

How to Unlock Secret Cow Level?

Reaching the Secret Cow Location will take some time but it won’t be an extremely difficult task. With proper guidance and tips, you will unlock this secret level very soon. Here is the step by step guide on how to unlock the Secret Cow level –


  • Defeat the Arch-Illager in the first default campaign.
  • Go to the back area of your house.
  • You shall see a narrow path behind the trees on the left-hand side. Take that.
  • Reach the Church.
  • You will find a lever at the gateway, pull it to lower the drawbridge.
  • At the back of the church, you will find a wall. You have to find and activate 10 Runes in order to continue ahead on the Secret Cow Level.

Rune Locations in Minecraft Dungeons

Church Rune
You have already found the first Rune when you entered the Church. 9 more to go. You can find out more about these 9 remaining ruins in the Church itself. You will find a dog portrait on one of the walls. Clicking on that portrait and it will give you hints about the levels when the 9 Runes are unlocked.



Creeper Woods
Rescue villagers. Then go to the south-west of the map to find a huge stone building. You will find a cobblestone mound right in front of it. There is a button on the mound which you have to press. This unlocks the Creep Woods Rune.

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Soggy Swamp
Defeat Cauldron. Then go towards the exit. Here you will find a stone column with mushrooms growing at its base. There is a button hidden there. Press it to unlock the Soggy Swamp Rune.

Cacti Canyon
You will find a button next to the blue key to the left of the gate. This button opens up the location for the Cacti Canyon Runes.

Pumpkin Pastures
Atop the Long Wall, you will find a stack of wooden crates along the pathway. The button to Pumpkin Pastures ruins is hidden right behind these crates. This will unlock the door at the end of the walkway where the Runes begin.

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Redstone Mines
You are saving the villagers for the second time at the Red mines. Look at the top area of the cave, you will find a button to the Redstone Mines Runes. It is hidden under the deposits of red stones of the corner of the wall.

Desert Temple
In the Harmless Kingdom, you will be rescuing a golden key. You will see a palm tree in the temple adjacent to the wall. There will be a button hidden behind the long palm leaves. This will open the Desert Temple Runes.

Fiery Forge
In the machines of War mission, you will find the remains of a Golem carved in Redstone. Go to your left from this point. You will find a button at the back of the wall. This will reveal the doorway to the Fiery Forge Runes.

Highblock Halls
When you are facing the second-wave of enemies sent by the Arch-Illager, you will be forced into a marketplace. It will be raining there. Go to your right where you will find a wall. The switch embedded on the wall. Click it to open the Highblock Halls Runes.

Obsidian Pinnacle
In the Mission Eye Of The Storm, you will find yourself in the interior of the building. Find the library and find the shelf at the backside of this room. Remove the books to reveal the button to the Obsidian Pinnacle Runes.

Back to the Secret Cow Level

Defeat the notorious Mooshroom army
  • Once you have unlocked and collected all the Runes, go back to the Fort Camp Church.
  • You will now unlock the “???” level on your map.
  • Open the doorway behind the walls of the Runes.
  • This will take you to the Mooshroom Island, teeming with hostile mooshroom monsters.
  • Defeat all mooshrooms in your path.
  • You will eventually face the boss – Mooshroom Monstrosity, who is rather easy to defeat.
  • He will blow his wind Horn occasionally to slow you down. Dodge it well and you will be able to save your health.
  • Finally, defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity.

And just like that you have unlocked and conquered the Secret Cow Level in Minecraft Dungeons. Although Minecraft Dungeons is a small game, there are hundreds of such secret missions that you will probably never come across. But we are here to guide you through every such level and mission. Read our guide on playing the Local Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons.