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How To Play Local Multiplayer In Minecraft Dungeons?

Play offline with your friends

The Local Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft Dungeons lets you play an adventure with up to 4 players. This is a Room Code mode like The Mario Kart’s Multiplayer. You can have a conversation, voice talk as well as chat on the Local Multiplayer Mode of Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons started as a passion project for a team of fewer than 20 people. Inspired by the classic dungeon characters imbibed in the good-old Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons is a perfect combat and adventure multiplayer game. Read along to know how you can play the Local Multiplayer in Minecraft dungeons.

Local Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons

Local Multiplayer is also called the Couch Co-Op in Minecraft Dungeons. You need to ensure that you have less than 4 separate players for this game mode. For each player, there should be a separate controller, irrespective of the gaming platform you are playing on.

For PC gamers, 4 separate keyboards, and mouse, for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo, you should have 4 separate controllers. Here is how you can play Local Multiplayer or Couch Co-Op in Minecraft Dungeons –

  • Start Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Open the Character Select menu.
  • You will see an option for start-game.
  • It has a sub-category for an offline game.
  • Connect the 4 or fewer controllers to your console.
  • Select your character features, outfits, and skins.
  • Spawn in Camp.
  • Choose a mission you want to play with your friends.
  • Start the offline match.

This way you can play with 4 of your friends locally without having to connect LAN cables. Minecraft Dungeons will soon allow you to play cross-platform (different gaming platforms for every player) on the online multiplayer mode in the near future. For more information on this, read our Crossplay guide on Minecraft Dungeons.

This way you can comfortably play on the console you are good at handling. Minecraft Dungeons is the latest addition to the Minecraft franchise and aims at garnering millions of gamers in its community through its unique multiplayer or Co-Op features.