List Of Items In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has essentially three types of items in the game – Consumable Items, Unique Items, and Artifacts. Playing as Dungeon crawlers, you will often be forced in a corner by your enemies. This is the time when you will need additional abilities to compete against them.

Items help you carry out tasks that you normally cannot do in Minecraft Dungeons. For example, the Butterfly Crossbow can shoot 2 enemies at once. You could not have taken them down this quick without this item. Similarly, there are hundreds of such items in Minecraft Dungeons to assist you in your game. Here is a list of all Items in Minecraft Dungeons.

Consumable Items

Consumable Items are ready to use items. You pick them on the way and use it there and there. These are extremely powerful items that can grant you health recovery or excessive damage abilities. Here is a list of all Consumable items in Minecraft Dungeons –

  • Bread: Heal100% in 30 seconds
  • TNT: Causes explosive damage to nearby enemies.
  • Arrow Bundle: A small bundle of arrows
  • Shadow Brew: Ability to be invisible
  • Swiftness Potion: Speed Boost
  • Apple: Heal 20% in 3 seconds

Unique Items

Unique items are rare and spawn randomly at any location in a Dungeon. Here is a list of all Unique items in Minecraft Dungeons –

  • Bonebow: Arrows grow in size
  • Bow of Lost Souls: Chance for Multishot
  • Broadsword: Extra damage
  • Butterfly Crossbow: Shoot two enemies at once
  • Cave Crawler: +50% artifact damage
  • Dancer’s Sword: Increased attack speed
  • Diamond Pickaxe: Finds more emeralds
  • Diamond Sword: Extra damage
  • Doom Crossbow: Additional Knockback
  • Elite Power Bow: Greater damage
  • Eternal Knife: Chance to gain Souls
  • Fangs of Frost: Slows mobs
  • Feral Soul Crossbow: Souls Critical Boost
  • Firebrand: Burns mobs
  • Flail: Binds and Chains enemies
  • Fox Armor: 30% chance to negate hits
  • Grave Bane: Extra damage to Undead
  • Guardian Bow: Supercharged arrows
  • Hammer of Gravity: Pulls in enemies
  • Hawkbrand: Increases critical hit chance
  • Heartstealer: Leeches health from mobs
  • Highland Armor: Gains speed after dodge
  • Highland Axe: Stuns mobs
  • Imploding Crossbow: Pulls in enemies
  • Lightning Harp Crossbow: Chance to ricochet
  • Master’s Bow: Extra damage dealt
  • Nightmare’s Bite: Spawns poison clouds
  • Red Snake: Chance for arrows to explode
  • Spider Armour: 3% life steal aura
  • Sun’s Grace: Heals allies in the area
  • The Green Menace: Spawns poison clouds
  • The Last Laugh: Mobs drop more emeralds
  • The Pink Scoundrel: Chance to enrage mobs
  • The Slicer: Shoots two enemies at once
  • Venom Glaive: Spawns poison clouds
  • Voidcaller: Pulls in enemies


Artifacts are permanent items in the game that grant you and your team special abilities. But they have negative side effects as well. Hence, be cautious while using them and use them strategically. Here is the list of all Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons –

  • Boots of Swiftness: Gives a short boost to movement speed
  • Corrupted Beacon: Fires a high-powered beam that continuously damages enemies
  • Death Cap Mushroom: Greatly increases attack and movement speed
  • Fireworks Arrow: Puts a fireworks arrow in your quiver. The arrow explodes on hit
  • Fishing Rod: Fish out items
  • Flaming Quiver: Gives you burning arrows
  • Harvester: When used, the Harvester releases souls in an explosion
  • Light Feather: Lets you tumble through the air, stunning and pushing enemies back as you go
  • Shock Powder: Stuns nearby enemies
  • Soul Healer: Heals the most injured ally nearby, including yourself
  • Tasty Bone: Summons a wolf ally that aids you in battle
  • Torment Quiver: Gives slow arrows that knockback mobs and passes through walls
  • Totem of Regeneration: A totem that creates a circular aura, healing you and your allies
  • Totem of Shielding: This totem has mystical powers that shield those around it from projectiles
  • Wind Horn: Pushes enemies away from you and slows them briefly
  • Wonderful Wheat: Summons a llama to aid you in battle

Minecraft Dungeons offers you over 60 items in the game. You can use them to your advantage and progress in the game. Minecraft Dungeons also has a unique setting for difficulties in the game. Here is a guide on changing difficulty settings in Minecraft Dungeons.