How To Change Difficulty In Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons uses a rather interesting and unconventional way of difficulty in the game. There is an overall difficulty in the game which is common to the rest of the video games. Things get interesting when you select a particular game mode or area where you wish to play. There is an individual difficulty setting for every area you play in.

This multi-difficulty feature in Minecraft Dungeons makes the game more flexible and gamer-friendly. You can choose to play with mild difficulty in a particular mode while a total bone-grinding hardship in another. Here is how you can manually change the difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons.

Change Difficulty settings in Minecraft Dungeons

Overall difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons

There are 3 levels of difficulties in this mode – Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse. When you start the game, you start with the default difficulty level. To change the overall difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons you must defeat the Arch-Illager. Once you complete this task, click on the top right button on the screen named Difficulty. Here you can choose between the 3 difficulty levels –


  • Enemies easy to defeat
  • Less enchanted enemies
  • Average Rewards


  • Enemies are tough to beat
  • Strongly Enchanted enemies
  • Few artifacts and gear available
  • Better Rewards


  • Enemies are extremely tough to defeat
  • Super strong secret enchantments in enemies
  • All kinds of artifacts and gears available
  • Best possible Rewards

Individual Difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons


This is an extra feature in Minecraft Dungeons which allows you to select the difficulty of each Dungeon you play in. Here is how you can change it –

  • Choose a Dungeon to play in.
  • Go to the side panel where details of the Dungeon are listed.
  • You will find a difficulty slider on the side panel.
  • Choose between 1-6, how difficult you want that dungeon to be.
  • Make sure to choose the individual difficulty before you start the game. You cannot change it mid-way between the game.

This way you can separately change the overall and individual difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons.

Tip: Try out every difficulty level in the same dungeon. This way you can collect more points, and at the same time get used to all levels of difficulty for that mode.

This flexibility in difficulty settings helps the players to challenge themselves at every point of the game. You can rest assured that you will never get bored of Minecraft Dungeons if you keep trying every difficulty level the game has to offer. Minecraft Dungeons also allows you to play local-offline Multiplayer games. Read more about it on our guide: How To Play Local Multiplayer In Minecraft Dungeons?