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Evoker Boss Fight: How to Beat Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons

Defeat the Evoker

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will face a lot of mobs and bosses, and one of those is the Evoker boss. He’s the first boss you will meet and you will need a good strategy to take him on. In this boss fight guide, we will show you some tactics you can use to beat Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons.

How To Defeat Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons

The Pumpkin Pastures is the area where you will encounter this boss. The Evoker’s style of attacking is to summon enemies and conjure up pincer traps on the ground. These traps will cause a lot of damage to you, so you have to be very careful and avoid the traps at all costs. The Evoker can either attack you directly with it (in a straight pattern) or he can make them appear in a circular format around him. Take a look at some strategies you can use to take down the Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons.

Dodge the traps on the ground

Make sure to roll away from them as soon as these traps are summoned. Take a guess of the direction of the trap and move in the opposite direction quickly. It’s best to stay far from him because these traps will pop out of nowhere if you are too close to him, and you will be caught in it. Remember to use the dash button to get away from Evoker’s direct attacks.

Kill all the smaller enemies

Don’t let the Evoker’s minions overpower and surround you because you won’t be able to get out of the way in case Evoker brings up his traps. A small amount of minions won’t do much damage but if they build up, you will be trapped. So make sure to get them out of the way first with melee attacks or TNT. Plus, you can also take advantage of the Thundering enchantment for this purpose.

Retreat if needed

If you happen to get caught in the Evoker’s attacks – retreat, regain your health, and come back to attack him from a distance. Choose charged bow shots instead of melee attacks because those will put you in the range of his traps again. When you use charged bow shots, it will reduce the Evoker’s health right when you need it the most. Evoker usually stays in one place so it is perfect for a boss like him.

Use the Tasty Bone

Don’t forget to use artifacts whenever you need in this battle. One such artifact, the Tasty Bone, will summon a wolf to help you in the battle, so you can summon him to fight for you in this case.

These were some of the tips to defeat Evoker in this Minecraft Dungeons boss battle. For more useful guides for this game, check out our Minecraft Dungeons section right away.