Starfield Tantalum Farm Locations (Best Planets)

Check out this guide to know where to find the rare inorganic resource Tantalum across the star systems in Starfield.

Tantalum is one of the rare inorganic resources that you will come across while mining different planets throughout the settled star systems in Starfield. The item can be used to craft different weapon mods and even ammo that will help you in combat in the game. However, with it being a rare resource like Titanium, you will come across Tantalum very rarely. With that being said, there are a few planets that host the resource in plenty and farm it accordingly. Before heading out in search of the resources for your weapon mods and ammo, you must upgrade your scanning skills. Check out this guide further to know where to farm Tantalum around different planets.

Where to Find Tantalum in Starfield

Best Planets To Farm Tantalum In Starfield
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To find Tantalum in Starfield, players will first have to upgrade their scanning skills. This will help you detect Tantalum and any other rare resources that a planet consists of in the game. You can check the resources section while scanning a planet to know if it has any Tantalum deposits. It will be labeled as Ta under the planet description. However, as mentioned earlier, you will come across the resource very rarely. And there are various planets and moons to explore it will take a good amount of time to go in blindly looking for the resources.

Best Planets to Farm Tantalum

  • Players can find Tantalum on the moons of Tau Ceti VI and Tau Ceti VIII in the Tau Ceti star system located west of Alpha Centauri in Starfield. You can farm it primarily on Tau Ceti VI-a and Tau Ceti VIII-b.
  • Another location would be the Olympus star system, where you will come across the planet named Nesoi. It will be the very first planet from the system’s star.
  • Close to Olympus, you will also find the Aranae star system. Here you can farm Tantalum on the Aranar IV’s moon named Aranae IV-a in Starfield.
  • In the Bara system, you can find the rare resource on Bara IV in the game.

With the above list of planets, you can farm plenty of Tantalum to craft weapon mods and ammo in Starfield. If you run out of resources while mining, you can always purchase them from different vendors in the game. Here are some of the vendors that sell Tantalum:

  • Jemison Mercantile: New Atlantis
  • UC Distribution Center: New Atlantis
  • Midtown Minerals: Akila City
  • Mining League: Neon

It will cost you around 21 credits to purchase Tantalum from the vendors in the game. In case the vendors run out of resources, you can always use the wait mechanic to pass the time in Starfield. This will restock the items along with the vendor credits.

That’s everything covered on where to find Tantalum in Starfield. With Tantalum at your disposal, you can look for other resources like Antimony, Caelumite, and Ytterbium in the game. If you find them useful, go through our dedicated Starfield section for even more information.

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