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How To Get & Use Caelumite In Starfield

Looking for Caelumite, an extremely rare resource in Starfield? Here's how you can get and make use of it.

Caelumite is a rare item in Starfield that appears as a stone-type resource. Due to its less availability in the environment, you can sell it for high prices. But that’s only possible after you get hold of this item. And for that, we are here to help you mine Caelumite easily. Since it’s extremely rare, not many purposes of this resource have been revealed yet. So, we will also tell you about the uses of Caelumite in this guide. For the fastest way to get it, read the guide till the end.

How to Get Caelumite in Starfield

After joining the Constellation Faction, you will engage in tasks like collecting Artifacts. You will be traversing through different Systems and Planets where you’ll find the mysterious Artifacts to complete the Armillary. Usually, these Artifacts are stuck on a surface with Caelumite Deposits around it. So to collect the Artifact, you will have to remove it using a Cutter. So looking for Artifacts will eventually let you have this resource. By the way, Artifacts are usually found inside Caves or Mines, so be sure to explore if you find one. As of now, the following are the few locations from where you can get Caelumite in Starfield:

  • Abandoned Mine on Porrima IV-c Planet (Porrima System)
  • The Empty Nest on Akila Planet (Cheyenne System)

Mining Caelumite in Starfield

Aside from the above location, you can also try and purchase Caelumite from a Resource Vendor. Be sure to check the Vendor’s Inventory as it refreshes daily. In case you are in a hurry, you can also use Cheats to get the Caelumite in Starfield. However, keep in mind that doing so will disable your achievements for a while. If you are okay with it, then use these steps to get Caelumite quickly:

  • Press the Tilde key (~) on your Keyboard.

Starfield Caelumite Console Command

  • Type the command player.additem 788D6 (quantity of Caelumite you want).
  • Next, press the Enter key and the resource will spawn directly in your Inventory.

Now that you have Caelumite, here’s how you can make use of it:

How to Use Caelumite in Starfield

Caelumite is used while crafting several Weapon Mods a Armor Mods. But you will hardly come across any such item in the early stages of the game. So, it is better to sell Caelumite than to keep it stored in the Inventory. Just make sure to deal with a merchant who is ready to pay the right amount for it.

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That’s all there is to know about the Caelumite in Starfield. In case you have any other doubts, feel free to browse Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of guides like Best Rifles, Best Traits, and Best Ships to have.