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Escape From Tarkov Error 213 – Connecting To Auth Servers Error Fix

Are you getting the Escape from Tarkov Error 213 (Error Connecting to Auth Servers)? Here's how to fix the EFT Error 213 in the game.

Among the different errors that you can get in this game, there’s the Escape from Tarkov Error 213. This is where you get the ‘error connecting to auth server’. If you’ve got this error, it’s not just you or your game, many other players will also get this issue. In this guide, we will explain what does this error mean and how to fix it.

Escape from Tarkov Error 213 (Error Connecting to Auth Servers)



As you can tell from the error message, the Escape from Tarkov Error 213 is about connectivity with the server. The game is not able to connect to the server, so how do you fix it? There’s nothing you can do because it is a game server-related problem so all you need to do is wait. This may happen due to a latest patch or a hotfix so keep an eye on the official site to know if any latest updates have been released.

In online games, server outages are normal so you can simply check the relevant subreddits and Escape from Tarkov official forums to know what the situation is at that time. Many users will mention about an outage so there’s nothing to worry. Sometimes, there may be a scheduled server maintenance time so this is how you will know when you won’t be able to connect to game servers.


That’s all you need to know about the Connecting to Auth Server error which is the EFT Error 213. There’s no need to reinstall the game or check any game files or your internet connection. This server-side issue will resolve from the developer’s side and you can play the game once again.

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